Legal impact of mRNA vaccines? Chile enacts Law for Mutants

February 24, 2022

Chile now has a law for mutants and genetically altered individuals. It's a rather peculiar law, in addition to the neuro-rights law, which also exists in that country. 

What could be the reason for the enactment of this new law?

Obviously, the reason for the origin of this law —which will probably soon be replicated in other countries— is because there's already a considerable number of people in the population who are no longer human, but transgenic beings.

It's a known fact that COVID vaccines are mutagenic and alter human DNA, not only because the RNA they contain, but also because of the DNA crystals that Dr. Pablo Campra has found in Pfizer vaccine vials.
Mik Andersen from Corona2Inspect has been investigating them too and, most recently, La Quinta Columna has observed how those crystals send signals to generate "life-forms."

Every day there's more evidence of this, especially with the birth of babies with black eyes and very curious physical characteristics, as described by Dr. Viviane Brunet.

In 2021, Dr. Chinda Brandolino warned the world that accepting an mRNA vaccine involves a change in the genome and that the person subjected to this experimental drug loses his human rights. 

Orwell City brings into English a summary of this rare yet real law that Chile now has to prevent people from being discriminated in their jobs because they are mutants or have their genome altered in some way.

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Narrator: After becoming the first country to add neuro-rights to its Constitution, Chile now also becomes the first country in the world not to discriminate against mutants and genetically altered individuals after publishing Law 21.422 on February 16, 2022.

Specifically, this law forbids "employment discrimination in the face of mutations or alterations of genetic material."

The question everyone is asking now is, what's the reason for this law?

Since Chile is one of the most inoculated countries in the world, it's not surprising that such a law has been enacted. As dissident doctors warned from the beginning, these inoculums contain secret materials and components that alter the human genome. Of course, this genetic modification is inheritable.

At the time, Dr. Chinda Brandolino warned that those who received injections of these inoculums would become transhumans and, therefore, property of the pharmaceutical companies and no longer enjoy human rights.

It should be recalled that in a 2013 court case, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that human DNA cannot be patented because it was "a product of nature." But at the end of the ruling, the Supreme Court ruled that if a human genome were modified by mRNA vaccines —which are currently being used—, then the genome can be patented.

And well, What does the new Chilean law establish?

    1. No employer may condition the hiring of workers, their permanence or renewal of their contract, or promotion or mobility in their employment, to the absence of mutations or alterations in their genome.
    2. The worker may give his free and informed consent to undergo a genetic test.
    3. If these examinations are required by the employer, the employer shall bear the cost thereof.
    4. The health establishments and laboratories that carry out this type of test, as well as the employers who have access to this information, shall adopt all security measures to protect the privacy of the worker and guarantee reserved handling of the data.
    5. The worker will always have the right to access the information resulting from a genetic test.

With all these laws that are appearing, do you still believe that these inoculums are vaccines?

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