Graphene, microtechnology, and Morgellons in Pfizer vaccine

February 03, 2022

La Quinta Columna has detected graphene and microtechnology in samples it has observed, and now, in a recent program, exclusive images of Morgellons were shown. These parasites have the particularity of being seen in certain colors and, in this case, they can be observed in red.

More details in the new video that Orwell City brings to English.

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Ricardo Delgado: I'd like to make an appeal to the entire independent scientific community —also independent of the official system— that wants to look into the microscope. Keep the slides in an airtight container, and don't throw them away. I mean, keep the slides with those drops and with the coverslip on them in an airtight container and observe them again after three days and then after a week because there's still an evolution. This is going to give us many surprises. A lot. 

I have already told you that I'm almost afraid and panic to look at the microscope because every time we look, we find something new. And today, I was equally surprised given the nature of what we're going to see. And despite having assimilated the knowledge of everything we have already said, which is quite a lot. 

Let's share and watch that video which, as I say, is not to be missed. The video is entitled Graphene, Microtechnology, and also, now, Morgellons in the Pfizer vaccine. We're going to explain it a little bit throughout the video, and you're going to see how that "fiber" responds to human breath. This type of fiber that has been found in face masks at the time. A German researcher who was quite tall physically, too... I don't remember his name right now, but back in 2013, he made a famous video that went viral on the internet. And he talked about how that technology, human or not, and linked to the whole process of vaccination and aerial spraying, is related to the whole global operation against the human being. Against the species itself. Of course, military intelligence is always ahead. Let's watch it. Attention. 

Video: Graphene, microtechnology and Morgellons in Pfizer vaccine. Haxon Aquiles II microscope.

Ricardo Delgado: Well, that's a big chunk of graphene. The rest... We're already used to seeing the other stuff. So far, as shocking as it may be, we're very used to seeing it. Right? 

Here you see the edge of the droplet. The upper part corresponds to the slide, okay? And here's the one of the desiccation of the droplet itself. 

Pay attention to this image because here's a fiber that we initially identified as a graphene ribbon surrounding a microcircuit. Right now, we see this at 1200 magnification. 

Come on, it's getting a little bit more complicated. Attention to this fiber here. It's actual color is reddish.  Pay attention to this fiber because it'll give us many surprises. OK? 

What's this? The Pentium 5? 

These images go directly to the Minister of Health and Family, Jesús Aguirre, who didn't want to know anything about this or the Campra report when it was presented in the plenary session of the Andalusian Parliament. Mr. Jesús Aguirre, can you explain to us what this is? Can the Parliament of Andalusia explain to us what's being injected into the people? What's this? The motherboard of a computer? What's this? Can you tell us? This is an... aberration, isn't it? Anyway. 

Again the tape or the filament. Pay attention to the filament. Here again, you're looking at a fiber that has appeared after evaporation of the sample. We want to do still a lot more experimentation with what we have here in the microscope because, in fact, it's placed on the microscope slide itself, right? Let's continue. Don't worry, because we'll leave the link to the full video later. 

Here's a famous cord that joins these microcircuits together. I see that now the interesting part starts, eh? You haven't seen anything yet. Attention! Look at its color. Well, a reddish color. See? That's the natural color of this fiber. We'll see what it does later. Terrifying. Monstrous. 

Here, we focus a little bit to see its tip. See that "spatula"? Well, then you're going to see the movement of that spatula and how it twists on itself. Now. Now you're going to see how it responds to three breaths. This is important for me to explain because, look, you see... First, we blew air with a fan. And there was minimal transverse movement. However, when we breathe (vapor, something organic), the movement is incisive. It's different. That is, it interacts directly with human biology, in this case. The famous Morgellons. Let's see how they do it. So, you're going to see three incisions that correspond to at least three breath puffs. At least three okay? Let's watch this. 

Everything is fine, isn't it? Look how "beautiful" it is. Ready? The second one. Yes, indeed. This is inside the Pfizer vaccine. In one of the drops. Specifically in two droplets. In one of them. There are several of these. And they respond to body heat when you proceed with the breath. But I say it again because this is very important. If you, for example, beat the air with a fan, with a leaf, there's a lot more air, but there's minimal movement, and it's transverse. However, when they give off breath, there's an interaction in the sense that this, let's say, goes after it very quickly. As if it's attacking, effectively. It has the behavior of a parasite. Let's continue. 

Here. Now, I'm illuminating it with normal light, bright. Okay?

Likewise, now what I'm doing is I'm bringing a magnet closer. Pay attntion. Look at the way it's twisting its head or whatever it is. 

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