New images of microcircuitry in Pfizer vaccine

February 11, 2022

La Quinta Columna continues to observe the evolution of the microcircuitry contained in the misnamed COVID vaccines. 

This microcircuitry, as mentioned before, forms over days, evolving into larger and more defined structures.

Orwell City brings the observations made by the Spanish research team into English.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Well. I have put the previous image, mainly because here, on the left, you can see the limit of the drop due to evaporation. And it forms that... That edge. And it's quite visible, see?

Here we have the high magnification lens. Notice the Morgellon-type microtubule. That's because it also has movement. We haven't recorded it, but again, it's something that has motion. 

You're asking around here the size of this. It's about 100 to 200 microns across. 

Well, now you're going to see the length of that microtubule, let's say. It's getting more and more enormous. It's been growing. Those lights are the reflection of the microscope's condenser light. 

This one has really caught my attention. I mean, it shows us a hexagon right now. Notice the shape of the edges. It's actually an octagon, but it's not regular, see? It's irregular. Amazing, isn't it? 

Here's another graphene ribbon.

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