Comparison of microtechnology found by researchers from New Zealand and those taken by La Quinta Columna

February 02, 2022

Like La Quinta Columna and other researchers, a team of New Zealand scientists also found microtechnology in Pfizer vials.

The similarity between what the New Zealanders and the Spanish scientists found is uncanny.

Orwell City then brings to English the remarks made by La Quinta Columna on Chilean radio station El Mirador del Gallo.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Anyway, I wanted to show you some images from the study carried out in New Zealand of those objects that have been found by that doctor's team in that country. Let's compare them with a video of those artificial patterns that we also have in La Quinta Columna, but that hasn't been released in the channel yet. But that's part of the gallery inside the PC, where we have plenty of material. I'm going to share the screen. Well, the first one is this one. Can you see it well, right?

Jorge Osorio: Yes, it looks great. 

Ricardo Delgado: I'll keep zooming in. We're told by this scientist who has looked at the microscope that he was walking around with the sample near antennas because he had some idea that electromagnetic fields can affect it. And at a significant temperature. It was 28ºC outside and 40ºC in the car, he said. This is one of the images of the Pfizer vaccine taken by the team in New Zealand. 

Well, this is another one. Here you see certain structures. There's a self-assembly mechanism that he also became aware of. 

Very clear. These images were seen in darkfield. Logically, these are artificial patterns. What does this do in the Pfizer vaccine? 

Jorge Osorio: Go ahead, Ricardo. 

Ricardo Delgado: You're looking at one of these objects on video. We're going over it, looking at the edges that form, the artificial pattern. And what this is reminiscent of. This is also in the Pfizer vaccine.

We saw the images of this video. But we haven't seen the video itself before. I'm sharing this now so that you can see the similarity between this and what was obtained by this doctor's team in New Zealand. That's it. That's more than enough, right? None of this should be in the vaccine, and yet it is.

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