Dr. Carrie Madej on Hydra vulgaris, nanobots, and graphene oxide found in vaccination vials

February 18, 2022

Recently, American doctor and researcher Carrie Madej was present in the Spanish Twitch channel El Arconte.

In this program, she answered several questions about transhumanism and what she has found in the vials she has analyzed.

One of the questions she was asked was related to the end of the introduction of Hydra vulgaris, nanotechnology, and graphene to the human body, to which Dr. Madej answered with what she knows about them to date.

Orwell City brings Dr. Madej's words.

Link: Rumble

Laureano Benítez: Yes, I'd like to ask what she has seen in the vials. They talk about Hydra, Hydra vulgaris, nanobots, graphene, and some structures that self-assemble once introduced after the vaccine. So, can she briefly explain what she has seen? The Hydra, the nanobots, those structures, the graphene? What does she think of all this?

Dr. Carrie Madej: The organism Hydra vulgaris and similar organisms. I discovered those in August of 2021. And that was shocking. I've seen them multiple times in the vials since then. And this is a favorite organism of transhumanists because, in the lab, it's immortal. It doesn't die. And transhumanists want to be immortal. 

So, one of the things they would like to do is take the immortality gene from the Hydra and get it into the human genome. But to be immortal isn't fantasy like people think. So they gave an example. If you chop... If you cut up the Hydra in many pieces, it can bring itself together and form itself anew. Over and over and over again. 

They also are using this in their research to have these parasites —if it's in an organism—, they're able to use them remotely and influence the parasites, which can produce neuropeptides, toxins, all kinds of things. So what they're doing is remotely controlling, let's say, a fish with the parasite in it and making the fish move or do something. 

I don't know why we're seeing the Hydra and these vials. I don't know. All I know is to look at the research from the transhumanists to see what they're doing with it. And the two things that they're interested in are immortality, regeneration... Well, three things. Regeneration and also the ability to remotely control something.

I have many videos and photos to share. If you'd like to see them, I don't know how to show them here, though, I'm sorry, I don't have them, but I can send them to you later. And one of the videos showed what I believe to be a nanobot. 

Also, there were many round... How do you call them? Round objects that look to be filled with substances that would be released in the fluid over time. So there are delivery substances looking like a hydrogel. There were living organisms as well, as what appeared to be nanobots. And, of course, the superconducting material. 

This isn't science. This isn't good science. This isn't good medicine. We're being lied to. And we're being experimented on. And I can tell you that each vial is a little different. So this is not uniform. And this is not just me saying this. We have different countries saying this. Poland, South Africa, Italy, and of course, Spain. We have many things that we're seeing in these vials. I have seen graphene-like substances as well and the vials. But they're different. They're not the same. 

I just think that we have these mad scientists, these psychopaths in charge, and they should not be in charge anymore. And they're experimenting on us.

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