Morgellon-like structures that "feed" on crystals

February 19, 2022

La Quinta Columna has shared with the world a very particular observation about the filament-like structures they have found when looking at vials of Pfizer vaccines under an optical microscope. 

Dr. Sevillano noticed that within the particulate composition, there are some crystals that appear to be microcircuitry, but are actually some other material that would be a kind of food for the Morgellons-like filaments to grow. They don't know what kind of crystals these are, but they continue in their research to try to unravel as many mysteries as possible.

Orwell City brings the key fragment.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: So I'm going to move the microscope, and let's go down. Here is the "hair." See? 

Dr. Sevillano: Here's the hair. Yes.

Ricardo Delgado: Let's see, I'm going to move it a little bit. There it is. See that you can even see... This sample is more dried out now. But look at the size of it.

Dr. Sevillano: And how it attracts the crystals. If you notice, you can see how it's attracting them.

Ricardo Delgado: This one has been growing too. Here I'm going to focus it now to...

Dr. Sevillano: Let's see if you find the generator pole. We have to look for the generator pole. Let's see if we can see the deflection and the cubes generating around it. Let's see if we can find the extreme.

Ricardo Delgado: This is incredible. Come on. Look at this. It's still here. This is where I think it ends, right? 

Dr. Sevillano: Yeah, it looks like this is where it ends.

Ricardo Delgado: This is where it ends. What happens is that in, here, there's no longer any kind of aqueous suspension. I mean, it's completely dried out. 

Dr. Sevillano: It's completely dried out. Maybe, for that reason, it has stopped... By not having... Maybe, it lacks something to... But look how it attracts all the material. How it's full of crystals all over the place.

Ricardo Delgado: Surely, there must be more around here. Let's see, I'm going to look around. Well, this is the content of the Pfizer vaccine. It's crazy!

Dr. Sevillano: There...  I'm beginning to think, Ricardo, that most of the stuff we see there is circuitry. And probably, there's also material that we're talking about that's used for the growth of that.

Ricardo Delgado: Yes.

Dr. Sevillano: The ones that don't have "drawings" or that don't have printed circuitry, those ones have to be the material that uses that to grow. That's all.

Ricardo Delgado: This is the edge of the drop, which is already dry. This is where it ends. 

Dr. Sevillano: Yes, more mysteries that we understand nothing about in all this. 

Ricardo Delgado: Look what's here.

Dr. Sevillano: There's another one. Yes. It's quite huge.

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