Graphene-like structures in Chiromas 2022 flu vaccine

February 25, 2022

La Quinta Columna continues to look at vaccination vials of all types under the microscope. Recently, the Spanish researchers detected the presence of graphene structures in this year's 2022 Chiromas flu vaccine.

Last year, La Quinta Columna detected graphene in a Chiromas vial from the 2019 campaign, which means that the composition hasn't changed. The trendy nanomaterial is still present in them, representing a health risk as it's a toxicant.

Orwell City brings into English tthe key fragment.

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Ricardo Delgado: Let's see, José Luis, images of the Chiromas vaccine. 3 droplets. We have taken pictures of some objects, let's say, of graphenic appearance. Let's see what you think. Chiromas is the flu vaccine specially indicated for the elderly over 65. 

Dr. Sevillano: It's this year's vaccine. 

Ricardo Delgado: Yes, this is from this year 2022. In fact, you can see the expiration date at the beginning of the video. It's, practically, the flu vaccine with the highest mortality associated with what's been called COVID-19 in the Barbastro report, for example. Let's watch this. 

Text: Optical analysis of Chiromas influenza vaccine. Optical microscope Haxon Aquiles II 

Ricardo Delgado: Well. As time goes by and the sample crystallizes, these formations that resemble a conglomerate appear. They seem bubble agglomerates, but they're actually structures. There you can see them more clearly. Now you'll see some clearer images. 

From what we're seeing right now, since there's still no evaporation, you can see structures that you can infere what they are. But then, as time goes by, you can see that they show more of the known aspect of what we all already know. 

Notice that the Chiromas vaccine has a cloudy appearance, it's like whitish, and it doesn't allow us to see it clearly. 

Dr. Sevillano: It's clearer there. 

Ricardo Delgado: Yes. Look, there too. 

Dr. Sevillano: Yes. It looks more defined, yes. 

Ricardo Delgado: Look at that. It's a ribbon. 

Dr. Sevillano: And next to it too. 

Ricardo Delgado: Indeed. These are the ones that were previously hidden in the sample. And as it... 

Dr. Sevillano: ...dries. 

Ricardo Delgado: That's right. Look at this. Seen using higher magnification. 

Dr. Sevillano: Exactly. It means it's present too. 

Ricardo Delgado: Right. That's crystallization. This could be some metal. I'm not sure atl all. It also appears to be (graphene). 

Dr. Sevillano: Yes. 

Text: Elderly people just had to be killed. GRAPHENE + RADIATION.

Ricardo Delgado:  Well, there at the end, I put (that message). If you notice, in the flu vaccine we don't see artificial patterns, no self-assembly, no microtechnology, but we do see graphene. At least in appearance, there's graphene. Why? Because there was no need to control the elderly. They just had to be eliminated. 

Dr. Sevillano: Probably. We saw that in the vials from 2020 or 2019 too, didn't we? 2018 or 2019? -

Ricardo Delgado: Yes. 

Dr. Sevillano: Yeah, right. It wouldn't be strange. It isn't... All this doesn't surprise me anymore. We have already overcome the initial shock, as they say. All this doesn't surprise me at all. Seeing how they do things and with what audacity and with what... I'm not surprised at all. They do with us whatever they want, and they have always done it. Always.

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