Presence of graphene in a drop of blood from a vaccinated person

February 26, 2022

La Quinta Columna has received a video from a follower who has observed graphene-like structures in a drop of a woman's blood under a regular optical microscope.

The team of Spanish researchers is in contact with this follower and has also committed to soon perform their own analysis of blood samples from inoculated individuals.

More information in the new excerpt that Orwell City has prepared for its followers.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: José Luis, let's watch a video that has been sent to us. We have pending to do a blood test of vaccinated people and make a report with a large representative sample. Someone... A follower of La Quinta Columna, with a low quality microscope —one of those digital microscopes that appear on the screen of the cell phone— has analyzed a drop of blood from a vaccinated person. And she has detected certain objects that look very similar to what we have seen here. Let's see if the video can be seen with some clarity. 

Well, what you're seeing are erythrocytes, red blood cells that look a little bit... You can't see it very well because it's a small cell phone screen, but an metallic-looking object has appeared. This is in the blood itself. In a drop of blood. 

Woman 1: Unbelievable! 

Ricardo Delgado: And the one who says "Unbelievable!" is the person from whom the blood has been drawn. She's vaccinated. 

Woman 1: Unbelievable! 

Woman 2: It looks like graphene. 

Ricardo Delgado: It would look better on a computer screen. 

Woman 1: Well, that doesn't seem to be degrading, does it? 

Woman 2: No. 

Ricardo Delgado: She asks that because... We'll talk to her. The person who has been injected is thinking about degrading all that material present in her blood. She's already noticed that it's giving out a MAC address, that it's showing up that the Bluetooth phone, etc...

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