Prosecutor Carlos Insaurralde: 'I assure you that these vaccines are destined to kill us'

January 18, 2022

Carlos Insaurralde, the prosecutor behind the case of the man who died after being inoculated talks about graphene oxide and other unknown substances, and urges people to file lawsuits to stop the poisoning of the population.

Orwell City brings the key excerpt La Quinta Columna commented on in a recent program.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Let's see the following, which is... Yes, it's news. It's also news from Argentina, and it talks about what we have already seen before. Vallarta's Newspaper. (El diario de Vallarta). 

"Prosecutor urges to file complaints against sanitary tyranny, but the police refuse to receive them." 

OK. There's a very striking point, and it's that this happened before we knew the result we have started with, with the one we saw after the intro video. 

It says, "He knows that there are obstacles for the institutions to accept the complaints, but he calls to seek spiritual strength. He warns that the injections contain graphene and substances that not even scientists know about." 

And he's speaking about scientists. Just figure the doctors who have ordered or recommended all this...

"The time for passing us the information to find out and be shocked is over. We already know that vaccines have graphene —it's official—, that there are more dead vaccinated than unvaccinated —it's official— that people are being poisoned", says the prosecutor. "More important than looking for information is to go out and denounce that they're experimenting with people...," On the resistance capacity they may have to a material. "...that they're inoculating without a doctor's prescription, they have to file complaints. I assure you that these vaccines are destined to kill us, stresses the lawyer. And he details how people should behave before the justice agencies so that their denunciation is attended to."

This is very clear, gentlemen. Very, very, very clear.

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