More microtechnology, self-assemblies, parasites, and graphene oxide in a new Pfizer vial

January 19, 2022

La Quinta Columna has shared new light microscopy images of a new Pfizer vial they received. As in their previous observations of other vials, they again found micro-technology, self-assembling structures, parasites, and, of course, graphene oxide.

Biostatistician Ricardo Delgado has said he'll also look at vaccines from other labs soon.

Below, Orwell City brings you the most important excerpt from the most recent program of La Quinta Columna.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Let's take a look at some images. Now, I'm going to screen-share the Pfizer samples. Specifically, there were three of them. I have chosen some images that are very distinctive. Once the samples evaporated. They're images that have been emerging, okay? This is the first one. See? Here you see what looks like a motherboard with certain components. This is the first one. 

That's another one of the same object, in dark-field. Here you can see it in dark-field too, but with another filter. 

This... Again, this is the Pfizer vaccine after evaporation. Most of those components were self-assemblies. And there's also scientific literature about them, as we see published in our report. Here's another one. 

This one here. And that's graphene, for example. See? Remember the shape of the edges. They fold in on themselves. 

And here are the characteristic reliefs of the material that you already know, probably, much better than the doctors. Doctors have no knowledge of this, unfortunately. This shouldn't be in the vaccine, right?

All right, so those are the images. But also, today, we did a little reanalysis, and we let the sample evolve, especially... Probably by teslaforesis mechanisms. That is, by the environmental radiation of the environment. As you know, these materials are self-assembling, as we showed in La Quinta Columna's report. A report that collects the observed under optical microscopy and a photographic report. Comparing both with the scientific literature behind them. 

So, we're going to see now new images of what was observed in the vaccine of... In another, in a different new vaccine from Pfizer. Okay? We're going to share a video file. We have it here. These are from today, January 18th. Quite recent. 

Video: New Comirnaty Pfizer vial images Haxon Aquiles II Optical Microscope (January 18, 2022).

Ricardo Delgado: You're watching a video. You can see floating objects in different reliefs of the sample. Let's say, on the surface, depending on their surface tension. Here, certain objects look like... They're probably carbon nanotubes.(*) Like this one here. You see how this one in the middle is kind of moving. There's one that's moving to the right. This is very impressive.

(Mr. Delgado wanted to say "microtubes." He corrects himself later).

We're going to repeat the tests periodically. And, in addition, to different vials vaccine vials that are being marketed, unfortunately, to the entire target population. And with that material. I say this for all those people who criticize or say that "it's impossible to see this under the microscope..." Take a microscope, dickheads. Get a microscope before you talk. 

In the meantime, you're not qualified or authorized to say anything at all. Anything that either the doctors, immunologists, infectologists, emergenciologists, pharmacologists like apothecary García say... No matter how much they appear on your TV screens, everything they say is empty and hollow propaganda. They don't speak of first-hand knowledge. They only pick up the articles, the papers that come from the European Medicines Agency itself or its regulatory centers, when we're precisely denouncing them. 

Okay. There's a clear example of self-assembly. 

There's the previous one.

Graphene appears there. 

Above, you can clearly see the boundary of the droplet. 

That's a mesoporous sphere. 

The stick in the middle looks like a swab. 

Carbon nanotubes. Or microtubes. Microtubules. 

A Morgellon-like object. 

Don't worry about it. We're conspiracy theorists, right? That's how they call us. 

Also, remember that yesterday, we posted a blog link where a certain health worker, a biochemist... Who's been, precisely, based in Andalusia for more than 12 years. He analyzed a Pfizer vaccine, if I'm not mistaken, and found very similar objects to those obtained by Dr. Campra by us, as well. 

Anyone who dares to look into a microscope to directly see the proof of the crime automatically becomes a denialist and conspiracy theorist. The parallel world of the official version is worth more. As of today: criminal media terrorism.

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