Self-assembling inorganic nanomaterials and graphene nanoribbons

January 25, 2022

To elaborate further on the topic of the self-assembling structures and graphene nanoribbons found in the vaccination vials analyzed by Dr. Pablo Campra, La Quinta Columna commented on an article from 2015, in which specialists successfully developed this nanotechnology.

More details on the excerpt that Orwell City brings today.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Let's take a look at the following article, which talks about graphene nanoribbons and self-assemblies. Take a look at it. The news is from June 2015. It was published in Nanowerk magazine. It says: "Graphene nanoribbons produced by novel top-down and bottom-up hybrid process. Researchers at the University of Tokyo have successfully produced graphene nanoribbons by making use of the phenomenon that inorganic nanomaterials self-assemble into regular structures on graphene." 

This all sounds familiar, right? 

"This will enlarge the possible applications of graphene, which is expected to be an important alternative material to silicon for semiconductor devices." An image of inorganic nanowires self-assembled on graphene and graphene nanoribbons fabricated using those nanowires." 

And look, it says, "Both the nanowires and the graphene nanoribbons are found to be aligned in zigzag-edged directions." We also saw such an image that appears in the report we issued. 

Dr. Sevillano: Exactly. 

Ricardo Delgado: "Institute of Industrial Science Professor Shoji Takeuchi and Project Assistant Professor Won Chul Lee..." 

Chinese, probably. 

"...first found that gold cyanide nanowires grow directly on pristine graphene in aqueous solution at room temperature, the molecules aligning themselves with the zigzag lattice directions of the graphene. The researchers then fabricated graphene nanoribbons with zigzag-edged directions by employing the synthesized nanowires as an etching mask. The graphene nanoribbons created were 10 nm in width and as thin as a single carbon atom. Both the nanowires and graphene nanoribbons formed along the zigzag lattice, offering a potential method for controlling the formation direction of graphene nanoribbons, something that had not been realized until now." 

The article is a bit longer.

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