Graphene oxide, self-assemblies, and MAC addresses

January 21, 2022

In an interview that La Quinta Columna gave for the Paraguayan channel La Bitácora, biostatistician Ricardo Delgado gave a brief but accurate explanation of the relationship between the self-assembling structures that he and his team have found in vaccination vials with graphene oxide and the generation of MAC addresses. 

This explanation is especially good for those who have not yet caught up with the most recent discoveries the Spanish team has made to date.

Below, Orwell City brings the key excerpt.

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Ricardo Delgado: "Self-assembly as a key player for materials nano-architectonics." A 2019 article. "The development of science and technology of advanced materials..." Such as graphene. "...using nano- and micro-scale units can be conducted by a novel concept involving the combination of nanotechnology methodology with various research disciplines, especially supramolecular chemistry. The novel concept is called ‘nano-architectonics’ where self-assembly processes are crucial in many cases involving a wide range of component materials." 

That is... Let's say, that the materials that go into the vaccine have some kind of "orders" of some chemical prevalence so that they have to self-assemble in a certain way. And then form these other more complex structures. But also, throughout the evolution of the days. 

Do you understand now why they kept the samples in an apparently extremely cold environment and so on? It was precisely so that the hydrogel wouldn't evaporate prematurely, and these certain formations would appear. It wasn't to preserve the vaccine at -5 to -10 ºC. Everybody said "What a strange thing, isn't it?" Now we understand everything. 

Let's take a look at the next publication. This is, well, yet another one that tells us about "MAC protocols for wireless nano-sensor networks: Performance analysis and design guidelines." This goes in the same line. "Graphene nano-antennas supporting the terahertz frequency band make bit rates on the order of terabytes." 

Okay. Everything we've been advancing before. And the most worrisome thing. We have said that graphene is there precisely so that all that can work. 

But of course, is that the side effect of introducing graphene inside the body is to multiply signals, as we already know. And when we study the toxicity that graphene has from the chemical point of view, we realize that it's a blood clotting factor. It generates thrombi, thrombocytopenia... 

Graphene is a superconductor, so it'll go to places with the highest electrical conductivity in the body. The spinal cord is, practically, the central nervous system. It consists of the spinal cord and neurons in the brain. But also the heart, when its electrical activity increases. That's to say, athletes make a special effort because they work with their tool, which is the heart. When there's a greater amount of electricity or conductivity, graphene reaches the heart due to greater cardiac activity. Graphene will go there as a conductor to impregnate it. As it's toxic it generates inflammations all over the parts where it occurs. Systemic or multi-organ inflammations, as those seen in COVID-19. 

Then, precisely once it impregnates the heart, it generates, in the case of the myocardium, myocarditis. If it's the pericardium, pericarditis. But in addition, graphene absorbs radiation and multiplies it, so it generates discharges. And a discharge in the heart generates an arrhythmia. And arrhythmias will have consequences such as fainting, syncope, collapses... Usually with cardiac arrest or sudden death, especially in athletes. That's what we're seeing more and more. They're arrhythmias camouflaged as infarction. Because infarction has a prodrome. There's a forewarning. It doesn't happen to an athlete. It hardly ever happens to an athlete. And yet we're seeing, well, what we're seeing absolutely all over the world. Weekends when a soccer player, a cyclist, etc., doesn't die or collapse are rare. 

But, as we have said, as far as the toxicity of graphene is concerned, it generates neurodegeneration. It's a carcinogen. It triggers mutagenesis, chromosomal alteration... In other words, causes the cancer to skyrocket. This is something that we're also seeing especially in vaccinated people. Keep in mind that we are talking about a toxic. And not declared in vaccines. This is an aberration. It's the side effect of introducing that technology, for which graphene had to be introduced as well. Graphene inside the body is attacked by the immune system as if it were a pathogen. Graphene oxide is the simile of the famous SARS-CoV-2 of the official version. Or non-existent SARS-CoV-2

This means that when eliminated by the lung, graphene will irradiate them and trigger bilateral inflammations. These are the famous bilateral types of pneumonia. 

And now, one very important thing, which is the last article I want to share before opening the Q&A. This one we have here. Precisely what it tells us is that graphene oxide —which is what we have found in the samples— is radiomodulable. Okay? Radiomodulable. Let's take it out. 

What does it mean that it's radiomodulable? It means that the toxicity of the material depends on the amount of radiation dose it absorbs. Therefore, there may be a person who has been vaccinated and has no bad symptoms, or nothing has apparently happened to them. Except for the damage the chemical does. Even if the body can degrade it. However, another person in the same conditions, but who absorbs the radiation dose because he lives, for example, near a telephone antenna, absorbs that radiation, and begins to shoot the number of free radicals inside the body.

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