Importance of glutathione in the redox balance for graphene oxide biodegradation

January 22, 2022

La Quinta Columna has reiterated that maintaining optimal glutathione levels serves to combat the toxicity of graphene oxide.

The importance of this antioxidant has been mentioned by other researchers such as Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger

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Mario Blitzman (La Bitácora): Do you have any idea if glutathione helps remove this graphene? Because there's an article out now in PubMed saying that they did do a study, right? And that it helped with the graphene oxide removal. Do you know anything? 

Ricardo Delgado: Yes, of course. We were for some time talking about a possible treatment to degrade the actual causative agent of what has been called COVID-19 disease. Since it's precisely graphene that generates it.

All antioxidants, in general, are going to maintain the redox balance we were talking about at the beginning. Balance between of the levels of our glutathione and antioxidants concerning the toxicity of the toxicant.

So, on glutathione, there was an infinity... Well, "infinity" involves a very long number. But there were more than a dozen papers relating glutathione to the degradation —or biodegradation— of graphene oxide. It's found in the scientific literature.

And also with N-acetylcysteine (NAC), which in our country is called, for example, Fluimucil Forte. NAC has mucolytic action. NAC causes our body to secrete glutathione endogenously. Therefore, glutathione will raise our antioxidant levels to combat the introduction of toxic (graphene oxide).

And we also found have studies where NAC or glutathione are directly related to the treatment of COVID. Studies with very positive results. Even in severe critical COVID cases. So, we understand why it helps. And we also understand the mechanism of why it works.

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