Athletes with cardiac problems after vaccination

January 08, 2022

One of the most common adverse effects in vaccinated individuals is the development of heart disease. Statistics related to the area of sports are increasingly evidencing this. 

La Quinta Columna comments on this topic in the new video brought to you by Orwell City.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Talking about guinea pigs. The current miners would be soccer players. You made this comparison with the mineworkers who died of lung cancer and other diseases when they worked in the coal mines. In the beginning, it was said that that wasn't the cause of death, and that had nothing to do with it. Well, now... 

Dr. Sevillano: That's a scandal in history. Everybody knows about it today. It's already known that miners were denied that their disease, pneumoconiosis —pulmonary destruction due to the mineral from the mines that went to their lungs—... They were denied that it was an occupational disease. And there were reports from doctors paid by the mining companies saying that it had nothing to do with mining. 

This isn't something that happened today. This is old. This strategy of paying the medical corps to defraud society and benefit the interested parties are very old. That isn't new. It's not. Notice that later they said, "Of course the mineral is what..." What an injustice! Poor miners! Some miserable businessmen did that to their workers. 

And what do they do to you now? What do they do to you now? "No, this is not because of the vaccine." "No, this... How could it be?" 

This is the same thing. Except that now the scenario is different. Now, they're not interested in mines because there are almost no more of them. With this issue, they won't give in. This is very serious. 

Ricardo Delgado: Now the mine is of graphene, precisely.

"276 young athletes have serious heart problems or death after COVID vaccination." 

But what about those who aren't athletes? What about those who are people who just make an effort? Or about people who practice a sport regularly, as we are also seeing? 

Let's see. It says, "A Good Sciencing report adds as of Dec. 15, 276 athletes under age 50 with serious heart problems or death after the Covid-19 injection. It's not normal for young athletes to suffer cardiac arrest or die while playing their sport. But this is happening this year, and more and more cases are being counted. Today we're going to look at a few more. As of July, they have increased worldwide. And more and more cases are happening in front of TV cameras."

 In other words, we're seeing it live. This can no longer be silenced in any way. 

Dr. Sevillano: Covered. And so far, we have only said 200-odd as of December 15. It goes on and on. Keep counting. 

Ricardo Delgado: Notice that...

Dr. Sevillano: "No, it's nothing to worry about." "It's because of climate change." "No, it's just that athletes have a lot of stress." "It's congenital." "It's stress." "It's bad nutrition." 

What about last year? Didn't they have stress then and didn't eat the same food? 

"Err... Forget about it. Just move on. There are no explanations. Continue as if nothing happened. Just shut up and keep running. Keep playing soccer."

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