MAC address creation system in deciphering process

January 20, 2022

La Quinta Columna has announced that it has a pending interview with a "bio-hacker" who's deciphering the MAC address creation system expressed by inoculated individuals.

More details in the new video that Orwell City brings today for its followers.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: We have a pending interview with an Argentinian bio-hacker, let's say, who's doing a great job of identifying those MAC addresses. He can even replicate, mimic them so that a non-vaccinated person can emit the same signals emitted by a vaccinated. Let's say that it is, in a way, deciphering all those MAC addresses emitted by vaccinated people. So you can see how real all this is, and all the science behind it. 

Dr. Sevillano: And his information only accessible to those who look at the social networks. The rest will never know. Have you ever heard of MAC codes on TV? And of this? Neither. 

Ricardo Delgado: They don't even mention the MAC codes because they would already give room for the fact that there really are other things. 

Dr. Sevillano: Whether that comes out on TV or this, everything is over. That's why TV covers up, takes care of hiding, covering up. The controversies they feed are the ones that do not harm them. The ones that talk about people asking for freedom when we're dying. Those are the ones they like. So that they can see that they are liberal and allow people to express themselves. 

But of course, it's impossible to listen to such foolish people who put their freedom above their health. They're so good, so correct, that they give them a place in their news programs. They're not going to give space to this.

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