Still don't get how the so-called 'waves' are created? La Quinta Columna gives you the rundown

December 07, 2021

A few hours ago, La Quinta Columna briefly explained again for its new followers the real cause of the famous "waves" caused by the never isolated, never purified, and never sequenced SARS-CoV-2. 

What's today known as COVID clinical picture is nothing more than an acute irradiation syndrome (ARS), with the difference that patients present bilateral pneumonia (COVID lung). This type of pneumonia would be caused by the graphene oxide located in the lungs once electronically excited through non-ionizing radiation emitted by 4G, 4G Plus, and 5G antennas.

Orwell City invites its readers to listen to Dr. Sevillano's words. Needless to say, all the information he mentions can be further elaborated by taking a look at the site's archive.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: COVID-19 disease isn't caused by a biological agent of the coronavirus type. There's no sequencing of it. No one has cultured or purified this agent. In fact, it's the Acute Irradiation Syndrome (ARS)Alright?

We talked about it in the video presentation. Throughout many programs on La Quinta Columna, you'll be able to have a major summary. But we can say...

Dr. Sevillano: Basically... Basically, people die due to different reasons every year.  And add to that a small number —until now, there were no massively vaccinated people— who were vaccinated against influenza near antennas.

Ricardo Delgado: That's right.

Dr. Sevillano: Those are the ones who presented the strange clinical pictures that made everyone's hands on their heads. Those were the ones, and they were very few.

There were even other cases —and everyone had forgotten about them—, cases of people dying in the street because they couldn't oxygenate. Those cases were never explained because if they had been,they would have had to confess that they had increased or changed the frequency of the antennas. So you never saw those cases again. But those cases existed.

Take a look at the video library, and you'll find out people dying on the streets of Guayaquil. People who arrived at the hospitals with 100% saturation and suffocated. They never explained that because viruses don't do that. 

That's why it served as an alarm in the first phase. But they removed all that very early. Because any doctor, no matter how much of an asshole he may be —and look how a good club of them has been created—, no matter how much of an idiot he may be, he realizes that a virus doesn't do that. That's why they quickly erased that information. That never existed. They delete what they have no interest in. They quickly erase what they don't want to be known.

And that's because of what? Because they were causing it with antennas. Some had graphene in their bodies, and some didn't. But they were creating all this strange disease and mortality that caused and alarmed people with antennae. And then, they added the average number of yearly deaths, plus everything they did afterward.

But what surprised people was the effect that the electromagnetic fields caused in people, some with graphene, especially in residences —because those were vaccinated with the flu— and others in the street because the waves hit them directly, and they were fried, with or without graphene. This is what they died from in the first wave. The other waves were "pseudo-waves," attenuated. They didn't dare to do what they did in the first wave. But they kept the attention so that now when the last one arrives, the definitive one —which is the one that is going to kick-start the New World Order—, everybody is already prepared and assumes that there's a virus and a variant... They have worked very well for almost two years so that now you swallow what's going to come.

And in those two years, there have been people like Ricardo and myself. And we've seen what they have done. We've seen it, and we have discovered what they have done. And we're one of the few that know how they do this.

That's why people come to the channel and don't know. But it's very simple to explain. Very simple. Very.

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