Graphene in suspension

December 14, 2021

To date, there are many testimonies of people who claim to present symptoms characteristic of acute irradiation syndrome and who, at the same time, claim to have seen amorphous black shapes in the environment. Shapes that react to electromagnetic pulses.

In this regard, a follower of La Quinta Columna asked Dr. José Luis Sevillano about this phenomenon. This was one of the last questions that the doctor managed to answer just a few days ago, shortly before the French Medical Association prohibited him from making any more public appearances. 

Orwell City, like all of us, expresses its full support for Dr. Sevillano, who together with Bartomeu Payeras, exposed the already known COVID-19 Environmental Theory, relating it to the harmful effects of graphene eventually. 

Dr. Sevillano has been a great warrior in this battle of information, a true knight wielder of knowledge. 

Unfortunately, censorship is escalating to new levels and now, they have decided that Dr. Sevillano shouldn't say another word on this subject. It is a situation that has caught us off guard. Even so, La Quinta Columna is moving forward with the independent investigations they are conducting and continuing with the work of Dr. Sevillano, who is expected to have his faculties restored to continue sharing the truth about all that he has come to discover in these almost 2 years of hard work.

Orwell City will be watching for any news about him. For the moment, we know from Ricardo Delgado that the doctor is well and, moreover, through his Facebook page, which he updates daily.

Footnote: For all those who have written to ask me to translate the censored documents from other platforms that are collaborating with the investigation of La Quinta Columna, know that I will do it. It will be a bit slow, but I'll try to have them soon, little by little. I really appreciate all the support and encouragement you send me. I really appreciate it like you have no idea!

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Juan, from Huelva, says: "I'm not inoculated. I've got an application that measures electromagnetic field radiation." Between Friday and Saturday, it measured between 80 and 105." 

A lot.

"Normally, it measures between 30 and 50." 

That's at least 2.5 times higher than that.

"I fell ill, experiencing vomiting, bone pain, coughing, and mucus. Today, the press of Huelva doesn't explain why the capital rises more than in other towns. During the night, amorphous black shapes appeared in the air, which seemed to have life. Could it be that the radiation made the nanoparticles in the air react? I took a picture of one of these shapes." 

So send it in. Send it to us. 

Dr. Sevillano: Yes. It's not the first time that... Yes, send it to Ricardo. 

We've already been sent some from India and other places where you see angular-type shapes forming, like donuts in the air. And it looks like they might be modulating or evolving in the air because we think we've been having it thrown at us all summer long. And some people are telling me they think that even right now, even though the weather isn't favorable, they're doing it too.

It wouldn't be strange that when the antennas start to emit, and if there's graphene in suspension, it swirls up. Haven't we already seen in the videos how those nanoparticles associate, bind and move under the effects of the EMFs? Well, it does the same thing in the air. Of course, it does. Of course.

Today's program is very important because people are helping us to understand that what we said was going to happen, is indeed happening. Do you realize how people leave testimonies of people with nausea, headaches, vomiting...? And they don't just happen, but rather they occur in this particular context. And it's not a virus. No, no, no, no, no. The symptoms last for several days, several weeks. You'll see, if we keep doing this program for a long time, as the epidemic evolves, more and more of these cases, and how people start telling you that they end up in the emergency room with pneumonia, and so on. That's why you must leave your testimonies here.

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