Dr. Martín Monteverde announces that Sputnik and Sinopharm vials will be analyzed in Argentina

December 03, 2021

A few hours ago, Dr. Martín Monteverde was present in a new program of Dirección Correcta (Radio El Mirador del Gallo). In this new interview, Dr. Monteverde gave a small advance on the analysis of Sputnik and Sinopharm vials being carried out in Argentina. According to what he has reported, he's certain that they also contain graphene oxide due to the effects they produce (magnetism, generation of thrombi, sudden deaths, among others).

Below, Orwell City brings the words of the Argentinean doctor into English.

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Jorge Osorio: Doctor, without revealing details —I know that you're much more advanced in the vials analyses in Argentina—, do you have any explanation for the magnetized arms? Do you have an explanation, for example, for when one turns on the Bluetooth and a series of long alphanumeric codes appear? Go ahead, doctor. 

Dr. Martín Monteverde: Look, the only possible explanation is what La Quinta Columna hasn't been presenting. And now, in the last two or three days, Dr. Campra's finding was presented: the nanorouters. This totally confirms this issue of the Bluetooth codes, that a "device" is inserted. 

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There's only one explanation for the magnetic arms. First, it has to be acknowledged that there are magnetic arms, chest, and head. First, that has to be acknowledged, doesn't it? Many people tried to hide it. But the only explanation for the magnetic phenomenon is the presence of graphene. In other words, the protein Spike isn't going to make your arm magnetic. The protein Spike doesn't interact with the 5G. The protein Spike cannot kill a child six hours after have had taken the vaccine. The only possible explanation is graphene. 

We, after many months... Last week we were able to get vials. And we're going to analyze, in the next few days, Sputnik and Sinopharm vials, which are two of the vaccines that have been most widely used here in Argentina. Because we believe that in the other vials (those of AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer, J&J), there's no longer any doubt that there is graphene in them. In the case of Sinopharm and Sputnik, there's also no doubt because they also leave the magnetic arms. They also trigger sudden deaths, thrombi... 

Well, my father, who's a retired doctor, took the two doses of Sputnik and was in therapy for thrombi in his lung and leg until three days ago. Now, fortunately, he's getting better. 

Anyway, let's remark that in both Sputnik and Sinopharm we're seeing exactly the same effects as in the other vaccines. So, what doubt can be about what we're going to find when we look under the microscope now? We're going to find the same thing. 

Obviously, the reasoning that I make is that big pharma buys that hydrogel that brings dissolved graphene, it contains micro and nanoparticles of graphene. They have all used the same hydrogel platform. They buy that hydrogel from a factory, which is a publicly-traded graphene factory. And then, supposedly, Pfizer and Moderna would add the mRNA to it. And to the other vaccines, they would add an attenuated virus, supposedly, right? Because we'd have... 

The truth is that they have deceived us so much that we would have to analyze the Pfizer and Moderna vials and see if we really found that famous mRNA. And if there was a little piece of genetic material, we'd have to see if it coded for the protein Spike. Frankly, I doubt it very much because we have been extremely deceived. Extremely deceived. And what's in all the vials of all the companies is graphene. 

And these people who want the New World Order have a plan, and they're carrying it out. And apparently, the next stages of the plan, as we have just seen in the video, are aggressive. We're in for a very hard time if we don't manage to awaken as many Chileans, Argentines, and Uruguayans as possible. If we don't manage to put a stop to this, the next steps they have planned are really a terrible movie, isn't it? 

Jorge Osorio: That's right, doctor. 1984 and Brave New World. The truth is that reality is surpassing fiction, as you say.

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