Graphene active sensor arrays

December 27, 2021

While the official media claim that graphene hasn't yet been sufficiently studied to know its applications in human and animal biology, hundreds —and perhaps thousands— of published papers indicate the opposite. They even go so far as to describe the wireless mapping of brain waves.

La Quinta Columna's comments on this topic in the following new video brought to you by Orwell City.

Pro-tip: Remember to check the archive to keep up with the investigations carried out by La Quinta Columna, Radio El Mirador del Gallo, Dr. Stokes, Dr. De Benito, Dr. Monteverde, and many other independent researchers. All findings are related. All of them are decoding what the so-called vaccines really are.

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Ricardo Delgado: Let's see that other article from Nature. It says, "Graphene active sensor arrays." For what? "For long-term and wireless mapping of wide frequency band epicortical brain activity." Well, here you have everything that that paper has developed. R. Garcia-Cortadella.,  G. Schwesig, and all the involved scientists. And the article is from 2021, unsurprisingly. 

 "Graphene active sensors have demonstrated..." 

Well, this is the same thing we read on the other site. Here comes an introduction. It's available in its entirety. This is what's being done right now to the world's population. What has been called the COVID-19 disease is just a side effect of introducing this nanotechnology graphene based, which we have discovered in vaccines. 

This is to behaviorally control, not mice as it appears here, but the population of human beings. This is what is being done to us. And this is what we have to denounce massively so that everybody is aware of what's going on. Because we understand that if judges haven't stopped this already, then we're not going to be able to count on them. Although, in some way, we do encourage that the complaints should continue to be filed through the State commitment forces such as the National Police and the Civil Guard. Because these agents, perhaps, tomorrow they can lend us a hand —and tomorrow is today—, if they already have knowledge of what's going on. 

Dr. Sevillano: Ricardo, I was going to say that this article is before Diego Peña's article claiming that "graphene is black" and that "we didn't know what it was for yet." 

Mr. Diego Peña, tell those people to stop working, that they aren't aware that graphene is black, that it isn't biocompatible... They're going to kill the mice! Please, don't let them kill the mice, Mr. Peña! Have you seen what you have done? They have put graphene oxide in the heads of mice when this nanomaterial is black, and it's not known what it's for! Inform them quickly! Before they continue killing mice! 

Hypocrite. You said that in June of this year when you knew all this. And to say that it is black and that it's not biocompatible... You, an expert on graphene. And what about these researchers? Didn't they know about it? Damn, what a pity! Because they have already introduced it in mice before you spoke. Six months before, these people published this paper. 

Ricardo Delgado: He thought that... 

Dr. Sevillano: Isn't that... Isn't that dangerous, Ricardo? The fact that in the world of this stuff, when someone brings up graphene, it turns out that these "experts" in quotation marks appear, trying to say that it doesn't do anything and that it's useless. 

 Don't you think it's strange? 

 It's like the situation of the thief or criminal who has shot a guy in the street, and then another guy sees him hiding the gun and asks, "Dude, what's that in your hand?" "No, nothing. I'm just taking out something to smoke." 

Doesn't that sound like all that? That people come out claiming that graphene is black and good for nothing when there are hundreds, and probably thousands, of articles pointing in the opposite direction? Don't you think it's strange? It is. Because if there was nothing to hide, why is Diego Peña saying what he said in June? What's the reason?

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