High suspicions of graphene oxide in saline

December 05, 2021

As its followers already know, La Quinta Columna acquired an optical microscope a little over a month ago. With it, they've been making their own observations of the injectables they have been able to get their hands on. 

Recently, biostatistician Ricardo Delgado shared a photo of what appears to be, without a doubt, graphene oxide in saline. This is of special relevance because there was already a history of this nanomaterial being added to serum given the existence of officially registered patents on official Spanish government websites.

It should be reminded that there are testimonies collected by the Spanish research duo about people who claim not to have been vaccinated and who're highly magnetic anyway. Many of them spent a single night in the hospital, where they were administered serum.

Orwell City then brings the valuable information that La Quinta Columna will be expanding in the next programs. As they have already mentioned, they'll do their best to perform the corresponding spectroscopies for each injectable they have and thus duly confirm the presence of this nanomaterial which, for the time being, is suspected to be present given its classic characteristics under optical microscopy.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: I had a little time today and picked up the microscope. I had the sample from before, but I didn't remember the microscope app. So, I've been looking at this thing that I have here: physiological saline. See? We know that there are patents on physiological serum where they introduce graphene oxide as well. In fact, they're published on the website of the very Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Tourism of the Spanish Government. Just look how far this goes. And, I've taken some pictures and recorded a little video clip. Let's watch it because it's something quick to see and I don't have time for more. But I've found this that we see here. Let's see what you guys think. Look, this was in the physiological serum, José Luis. Does it look like graphene or not?

Dr. Sevillano: C'mon, man!

Ricardo Delgado: It does look like it, right?

Dr. Sevillano: Indeed. Of course, it does. 

Ricardo Delgado: Here below is another fragment. But what we see here I found after a little searching.

Dr. Sevillano: There shouldn't be anything. Let's remember that in saline there shouldn't be any of that. It's salt and water. And when you look at saltwater under a microscope you don't see anything. It's just shocking. They put this nanomaterial in everything, and that's it. These people are scoundrels. Truly shameless.

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