Post-inoculation prickling sensation in the arm

December 11, 2021

Many people feel prickling in the inoculation area after have been jabbed. Most of them wonder what could be the cause of it since it's a persistent sensation of discomfort over time.

In a recent program, Dr. Sevillano gave an answer to this question, and Orwell City brings it to its followers.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: I have had both doses of the vaccine. Since I had the injection, I feel prickling in my arms, in the inoculation point. What is this due to? What could the prickling be caused by?

Dr. Sevillano: Well, it's the intolerance to that toxic substance that has caused a reaction around your arm. It's nothing other than that your immunity has kicked in at the same site where it was inoculated, and it's generating an inflammatory reaction that bothers you. You feel a prickling and unpleasant sensations because it's trying to get rid of the material. The area is inflamed, for sure.

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