Prolonged exposure to non-ionizing radiation triggers a variety of adverse health effects

December 24, 2021

As La Quinta Columna has been warning for the past year and a bit, prolonged exposure to non-ionizing radiation can cause various types of health damage. This radiation usually affects, mainly, two target organs: the heart and the brain. It also has an oncogenic effect, favoring the development of tumors. 

La Quinta Columna comments on this subject in the new excerpt from its most recent program, which Orwell City brings to its readers

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Ricardo Delgado: That's it. Well, let's continue with the news. We're going to continue with the news. But first, we'll show a video of Joaquín Fernández, director of the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona. The video is a couple of years old if I'm not mistaken. But he talks about the electromagnetic soup phenomenon. About how frequencies have been rising in our environment. And how they affect, particularly, two target organs: the heart and the brain. That's what we're seeing now as well, right? In this video, there's no knowledge or evidence that the population was inoculated with a toxic substance that interacts with this electromagnetic radiation. We talk about graphene oxide, which makes people develop this all. Let's watch this.

Dr. Fernández: Recent data to understand that the significant increase in electromagnetic exposure in our society over the last 50 years has triggered diseases and symptoms in patients. aballeros del ozdiaco chThis is true. It's objectified and scientifically corroborated. When cells are taken and exposed to these radiations at low doses, continuously, they change. Excitable cells such as those of the heart and brain, which have electrical transmission, are more sensitive to these radiations. It's also already been seen that prolonged exposure to them can induce oncogenic effects. For example, ionizing radiation can trigger oncogenic effects. These other radiations also make possible a higher incidence of tumors. But this...

Ricardo Delgado: Pay attention to what he said. Although they aren't ionizing radiations —we're now talking about non-ionizing radiation—, there's also an incidence of tumors and other types of damage. We're talking about thermal and biological effects on human biology and living beings in particular. They don't necessarily have to be ionizing to displace the electrons of the atoms of the molecules and directly damage the DNA. As is the case of ultraviolet radiation, which is from the range is considered ionizing. But you can also do a lot of damage if you puncture the tire without directly breaking the casing, right? Let's continue.

Dr. Fernández: I'm globally interested because these radiations come from activities derived from telephony, signal transmission, computer screens, cell phones that are at the top of the electronics and economy to the major telecommunications companies. We're, as a society, receiving a very high exposure in which safety hasn't been ensured.

Ricardo Delgado: Security hasn't been ensured. The words of a specialist are very interesting because they contrast very much with what Dr. Alberto Nájera says. With what that physicist says. We don't understand how is this possible. Let's see if they eventually agree because they both belong to officialism, don't they?

Dr. Sevillano: Yes, yes. What happens is that this man gets to record that and... See you later, pal. I think that something would be broadcasted in the program N Portada, but I don't know if it was in the end. 

According to Belén Esteban, we don't know anything. Those of us, doctors who study reality instead of papers, don't know anything. We're dumb, aren't we? We are dumb, and we don't know anything. The smart ones are those who read journals about things that others have done. Those are the smart ones. And those of us who generate science... We're the dumb ones.

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