Why do some inoculated people not get sick?

December 08, 2021

A commonly asked question to La Quinta Columna is why some inoculated people show no adverse effects after being inoculated, assuming that they weren't injected with any placebo and carry graphene oxide in their bodies.

Below, Orwell City brings the answer given by Dr. Sevillano.

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Ricardo Delgado: The next question says, "Why do some vaccinated people not get sick?" Assuming they carry graphene oxide in their body. There's a lot of variables.

Dr. Sevillano: The question is that the current dose they were injected, surely, doesn't carry the product since some people are vaccinated and don't express biomagnetism. But then, they can express biomagnetism and not get sick, for the moment. But they're exposed to the disease anyway.

Remember that soccer players are jabbed or vaccinated, and the guys are there, maybe for two, three, or four months playing and running at full speed. You know how much these people force the "machine." Until one day, arrhythmia appears. 

That is, it's a matter of time for the graphene oxide to structure or organize itself around the heart and start generating anomalous currents and circuits. It needs time. But other people, as soon as they go out for a walk, take a few steps and drop dead. Or others, two or three days later, they develop pneumonia and are admitted to the hospital. Or they can develop thrombi. In other words, it's fast.

What does it depend on? Well, probably, on the amount of energy absorbed by the graphene. Those who live near antennas absorb very quickly and can drop dead, generate thrombi, heart attack, etc... And those who play a lot of soccer, but perhaps aren't very close to antennas, their heart begins to change because of the energy introduced into it. It depends on the energy.

If you have graphene in you, it depends on the energy with which your heart is being charged. Hence the variation from one person to another.

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