Dr. Sevillano recommends home EMF shielding if you live near an antenna

December 04, 2021

Given the number of antennas being installed globally, the number of COVID-19 cases (which are actually cases of acute irradiation syndrome, as previously explained in La Quinta Columna), Dr. Sevillano recommends shielding from the electromagnetic frequencies. 

Inoculated individuals should be particularly careful since they carry graphene oxide in their bodies. Learn why in the new video that Orwell City has subtitled this time.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: From the island of Gran Canaria, Dora says: "Can you tell me what's the coverage range of the antennas? I recently checked that the closest one to my house is located at about 500 meters. Thank you so much." 

Dr. Sevillano: It's more than enough to have something to shield. It's the only thing that can protect you. As long as you get the mobile signal to your house, the waves reach you. What happens is that it's not the same as being close to an antenna as being at a greater distance. It's not the same because it doesn't reach you with the same energy. The energy of the wave that arrives isn't the same. So the damage isn't the same, but it reaches you anyway. And if you have graphene in your body, it's going to get excited a little bit later. Maybe a week later, but the antenna will continue emitting the signal that excites it. So, it's going to get excited little by little. Less violently, perhaps, than the one that's close by and receives all the energy shock. In that case, graphene will be excited abruptly. Then, the proximity is part of the factors of aggravation of the picture, and in terms of speed.

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