CORONA: A Coordinate and Routing system for Nanonetworks

December 18, 2021

On the most recent program of La Quinta Columna, a 2015 research related to a routing and nanonetwork system called "CORONA" was commented.

The details of this research are being reviewed by researchers who are decoding the nanotechnology included in the vaccination vials, including Mik Andersen, the author of the Corona2Inspect blog.

Below is the video related to the study discussed during today's program that Orwell City has prepared for you.

As a side note, Dr. José Luis Sevillano has returned to the programs of La Quinta Columna. The condition imposed on him by the French College of Physicians is that he cannot speak on medical topics, which means that the Q&A section of the program will no longer be conducted. However, although he cannot speak as a doctor, he can speak as José Luis Sevillano. It's fantastic news to know that he'll continue to share valuable insights and knowledge with all his followers.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Let's see this last article, which has caught my attention because it's titled "CORONA." However, this relates it to... Notice this. "CORONA: A Coordinate and Routing system for Nanonetworks." This is quite related to the research carried out by Mik Andersen, in his famous blog "Corona2Inspect,"  when it comes to identifying those objects also found in the Pfizer vaccine. And whose raw material is, precisely, graphene oxide. 

"The present paper introduces a joint coordinate and routing system (CORONA) which can be deployed dynamically on a 2D ad-hoc nanonetwork. User-selected nodes are used as anchor-points at the setup phase. All nodes then measure their distances, in number of hops, from these anchors, obtaining a sense of geolocation. At operation phase, the routing employs the appropriate subset of anchors, selected by the sender of a packet." 

This is talking about addresses packets. 

"CORONA requires minimal setup overhead and simple integer-based calculations only, imposing limited requirements for trustworthy operation. Once deployed, it operates efficiently, yielding a very low packet —data packet— retransmission and packet loss rate, promoting energy-efficiency and medium multiplexing." 

There's nothing else. But here, he talks about electromagnetic wireless sensor networks, nano-communication networks. And it has caught my attention because this is called CORONA. And it talks about a coordinate and routing system for nano-networks. This is related to all the research our colleague and friend, Mik Andersen, is doing. And to whom, from here, we send a big hug for the sensational research work he's doing, also, together with Dr. Campra.  

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