Antennas burst into flames when a new 'wave' begins

December 23, 2021

A repetitive pattern that has been observed at the beginning of each new "wave," is the fact that telephone antennas start to burst into flames. The reason behind this is the increased power they're given to radiate and sicken the population that receives the electro-frequencies they emit.

Orwell City brings the comments and observations that La Quinta Columna has made on this subject.

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Ricardo Delgado: Let's take a look at the El Prat al Día news. This has caught our attention because we have been warning about it for a long time. When the sixth wave started to be prepared, we said that one of the signals we'd be seeing was the antennas tending to burn. Surely, due to the power they generate in volts per meter. 

Someone was saying in the chat that he's measuring near his home since he has a telephone antenna 200 meters away. And he says he measured 50 to 60 volts per meter. He was asking if that was a lot. 

Yes. That's quite a lot. That's a pretty strong signal. I'm going to ask you to bring a BR-9A measuring device close to the microwave, and you'll find that, pretty much, it's similar to what you're being radiated now. 

"The fire in a telecommunications booth at 103 Remolar Avenue in our city has caused an immense smoke that has alerted a large part of the city. According to the firefighters' report, after receiving the notice at 11:38, they have moved to the scene three firefighting teams. The fire hasn't affected the rest of the community, and so far, no personal injuries have been reported. When we have more information, we'll update it." 

What has happened here is that a telephone antenna has burned. A communications tower. Let's see if you can see a little bit in the video. What can be seen are photos.

There you have it. The antenna is right at the top. And what has burned is the power supply, apparently. They received several photos. These images were also very characteristic during the famous first wave. 

Some antennas... I remember one in the center of Madrid, for example, that burned. And it was something that we had already been warning throughout all the programs of La Quinta Columna. This is, probably, one of the reasons why so many people follow us and make the channel grow more every time. It's because we anticipate what's going to happen, except that here we explain the reality behind the phenomena. 

Well, this is very noteworthy, because apart from these signs, let's say environmental, there were also other types of characteristic signs. Birds that collide and die —like the ones we saw in the video of El Ferrol—, seagulls, cranes and, I think I remember, pigeons. We have seen several. And then, people who start to get sick present the characteristics of acute radiation syndrome

That is, severe headaches, migraines, flu-like pictures, hives, and, above all, buzzing and ringing in the ears. The latter is a repetitive picture. There are more and more cases of it.  We receive many testimonies of people who start suffering from the famous tinnitus in their ears. Also from insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, dizziness, and vertiginous syndrome. And also palpitations.e. And also palpitations.

Dr. Sevillano: As I have to say something, here in the channel, I'd like people to help also in leaving their testimonies about these things because that's journalism. So, what are you living now? Leave your testimony if an antenna burns in your neighborhood. If you have been informed... If some information has fallen into your hands, leave your testimony. Leave it here or send it to Ricardo or to me. Send the information regarding what's happening so that we all know about it since this isn't going to appear anywhere else. These things don't appear. 

If you're now getting more buzz, sparks, and things like that don't usually happen, leave us your testimonies, so we can know about them. 

That's journalism.

What's happening in society now? Are there sparks every time you knock on a mailbox or a car door? If it's happening to a lot of people, something is going on, right? I'm just saying. Well, that's just it. Newspapers should take note. If a lot of antennas are burning, they have to take note. In that newspaper, they picked up the news. They picked it up. 

The antennas burn. Interestingly enough, antennas started to burn when it all started. In December 2019. They confessed when the antennas started to burn. But they quickly said they were the ultra-left terrorists who don't want the technology. But who goes near one of those things with a can of gasoline? That's what they said. Then already in the second wave, these people have to know, the antennas burned again, and the press said, "No, it's that they had overloaded." Because they saw that someone had made an assessment of that. In the subsequent waves, you didn't hear them say anything. And probably, this news won't appear anywhere unless people publish and post the videos.

For that reason, for us to find out on a channel, for there to be something that resembles reality, you have to help us, because we don't have the millions that these people have to pay and buy reality. We let the people tell it to us. We don't pay anyone to create reality. You see what is happening, you tell us, and it will be published here. 

"This is what's happening." Okay then. 

"Nothing is happening." Well, we'll have to keep an eye on it and play devil's advocate: "Why aren't there any antennas burning? Why not? What happened here? Why aren't there any sparks?"

Well, if it doesn't happen, we'll have to know about it too, won't we? At the moment you see that people are saying that the devices are charging. That is news. 

Why is it not in the media that the electro-environmental level is rising in terms of waves? Why is it not in the newspapers? Is what is happening a fact or not? How many videos and audios have people already shared? 

I've been sent audios from people who notice things from Galapagar, where I lived for a few years when I was a resident of Family Medicine, to another place in Spain. I receive audio from people who notice that the frequency of the waves is going up. Why do they go up? Why don't the media echo this? Because they pay for it. And we have to do our own journalism if we want to know what is going on. As long as there are social networks, we have to do our journalism.

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