How can graphene oxide be activated?

December 09, 2021

While electrofrequencies are used to activate graphene oxide outside and inside the human body, there are also other ways to do so, such as sound or temperature. As a result of research carried out by the Spanish research duo of La Quinta Columna, it can be hypothesized that this nanomaterial would absorb any type of energy or signal.

In the following brief excerpt that Orwell City brings today, Dr. Sevillano explains this phenomenon.

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Ricardo Delgado: This is a question by Dani from Esplugas, Barcelona. "Could graphene be activated with temperatures applying high electromotive force? (As an experiment)." 

Dr. Sevillano: Of course, you activate it with temperature. And with electromagnetic fields that are neither high nor very low frequency. I get the feeling that graphene absorbs any electromagnetic field. Looking at the picture and what it does. 

Ricardo Delgado: We have also seen experiments with sound. Graphene oxide activated with sound. I mean, it starts dancing, practically.

Dr. Sevillano: Yes, that's it. Yes, just like that. It's activated by anything that's energy. It doesn't have to be a precise quality of electrofrequency. However, I think these people know at what qualities the type of graphene they've put in is particularly toxic. They must have knowledge of it. That's why they play these kinds of qualities when they want to

But in reality, any kind of energy and certainly any kind of signal can be absorbed by graphene. Based on what we see what it does and how it seems to me that it absorbs everything it picks up.

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