Is the MAC address marking system "the mark of the beast"?

November 30, 2021

Many questions have arisen since the confirmation of the marking system linked to the MAC addresses detected in COVID-19 inoculates via Bluetooth. The most frequently asked is whether this system corresponds to what's described in the Bible as "the mark of the beast."

This question was recently posed to Dr. Pablo Campra, who published the first report on the detection of graphene oxide (among other as yet unidentified things) in mRNA vaccines, on Distrito TV's El Mundo al Rojo television program. 

Orwell City brings the scientist's response below.

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Jesús Ángel Rojo (El Mundo al Rojo): I'm going to ask you the last two questions. The first one is related to what Dr. Luis de Benito said. He had done an experiment in which vaccinated people were detected with a kind of "IP" in Chinese telephones. That question, that mark that everyone has, could it be similar to what St. John spoke about in the Apocalypse of the famous "mark of the beast"? And then, the last question would be: Could graphene condition people's behavior? Could it somehow, with an external element, condition people's free will?

Dr. Pablo Campra: Yes, well, the question is eschatological. But if by the mark of the beast we mean a system that has to be embedded inside the human body that allows you to buy and sell, this system allows it perfectly. It's described in the literature. It's as if you had a credit card inserted inside your body. But there's no chip or nanochip, but thousands of sensors that send information to nanorouters. The nanorouters send it outside, to the exit gateway, which would be the cell phone. So, on that side, it does resemble the concept of what's called "the mark of the beast." 

Also, in terms of neural control. Because the mark of the beast is supposed to entail the loss of free will. And the danger with this network is that the connection in the neural synapses can be controlled from outside and can influence pleasure, pain, motivation... The will, in short. So it depends on the use of the external server and who controls it whether people's free will can be stolen. 

This is the seriousness of this system to be implemented or not. Both toxicity and these capabilities that can make people lose their will must be studied and communicated. Well, we'd have to see if this is the mark of the beast or not. I don't go into that subject. I'm a scientist. We'd have to see at what times we are in.

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