Dr. Sevillano explains the effect of graphene oxide on people with prostheses

November 01, 2021

Dr. Sevillano continues to answer questions from the followers of La Quinta Columna. One of the questions that most caught the attention of the team in the most recent program (number 173) was one related to the effect of the graphene oxide present in the 'vaccines' on the prostheses of the inoculated persons. Some people complain of pain after inoculation.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano offers an explanation to the phenomenon considering the influence of the nanomaterial in question in the following video that Orwell City brings to its followers today.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: From Bilbao, artemisarte asks: Is there any relation between metallic prostheses and the vaccine? I know several cases of very fucked people. Iron and magnetizable prostheses. Not titanium and others...'

And also graphene, for example, from which we have seen.

Dr. Sevillano: We don't know very well, but it could be that these prostheses if they're magnetizable, generate an accumulation of the product around them.

And that perhaps, with time, generates pain, inflammation, and fragilization of this type of material.

We don't know. There hasn't been time.

Keep in mind that they have been in place for a year and, if they hurt, they would hurt over time. However, the pains could manifest themselves before the histological damage that could really generate problems of the viability of the prosthesis. But, of course, there'll be a pain as long as there is magnetizable material and graphene involved. These pains may be stimulated by them. Prostheses trigger pains in general. Especially, near antennas. That causes discomfort.

But if the person also wears graphene in the body, then surely, this discomfort increases. They're accentuated with time.

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