Dr. Sevillano on the importance of Dr. Pablo Campra's technical report

November 08, 2021

As Dr. José Luis Sevillano has always said in the programs of La Quinta Columa: 'Knowledge saves lives'. Dr. Pablo Campra's technical report is the first of its kind and to officially denounce the presence of a toxic nanomaterial called graphene oxide in COVID vaccines.

Honoring the truth that the Campra report reveals about vaccines, Dr. Sevillano comments that this knowledge should be shared with anyone whose life you want to save and, of course, with all those healthcare workers who are inoculating and pushing the population to take this toxic jab.

Below, Orwell City brings the words of Dr. Sevillano. A very powerful and important message that seeks to raise awareness.

Link: Rumble

Dr. Sevillano: The best information is the simplest, the easiest to understand and fit in. This one. 

That means there's a vaccine toxicant. Don't give it any more thought. If there's magnetism; if there are octopuses; if there is this or that. I'm telling you, we don't care. That means that there is a toxic in the vaccine. The end. 

And, furthermore, you're already identified as someone who knows that this is happening and that you identify the one who sends it to you because he also knows it. 

It's a matter of knowledge. And if that knowledge saves your life, it saves the life of the other person. But if the other has responsibility, it puts that person in danger

So imagine the kick you're giving to a guy who has a responsibility when you send him a copy of this report. Whether it's a doctor or someone else. When someone finds out about this, you've screwed that person alive. You've already put that person on the hook because that, at any moment, gets him in trouble. 

Choose well those to whom you send the report. Choose well. 

To friends, relatives, and the like, say, "Take the report to save yourself, because you're in danger." 

And, to the others, say: "Be warned. If you continue to inoculate... I know you know it. At some point, someone may sue you for doing this." 

Is any of this nonsense? It's simply the truth.


Current trasncription/translating/subtitling process of the program in which Dr. Pablo Campra himself explains his research work (23,282 words - 2:30 hr):

Transcription (Spanish): 100%
Proofreading (Spanish): 100%
English Translation: 20%
Proofreading (English): 0%
Subtitling process: 0%

If everything goes well, the fully subtitled program will be completed by Wednesday/Thursday. I've had a lot of work on top of it, but I'm doing what I can to have it ready on Wednesday, if possible.

Thank you for your patience!

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