Headaches caused by non-ionizing radiation and the role of graphene oxide

November 02, 2021

Many newly inoculated individuals are experiencing headaches very frequently and, worryingly, are not going to a doctor for evaluation.

These headaches don't occur in everyone, however, those who have been injected with graphene oxide or have breathed it in from chemtrail spraying experience them with great intensity, especially if they are near antennas (whether 4G, 4G Plus, and 5G).

For those who still don't understand how this mechanism occurs, Dr. José Luis Sevillano offered a concise explanation in the most recent program of La Quinta Columna.

Orwell City brings the English excerpt.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: 'Quite a few adolescents in the high schools of Madrid present headaches after inoculation, and they don't go to the doctor.' This is also happening here in Seville, not only in Madrid. Everywhere. 

Dr. Sevillano: Antennas plus that (graphene oxide) stuck in the head. Myocarditis and all that, why do you think they happen? They occur precisely because of that. And they happen in the places where the antennas radiate the most. Careful. 

'No, no. It doesn't do anything to me.' 

They don't do anything to you because you haven't stood in front of one. It's because of the daily exposure to them that triggers myocarditis. And it's the same thing with headaches. Same thing.

'No, no. My head doesn't bother me at all.' Of course, it doesn't because probably, you live far away from an antenna. But when you have to be near one or subjected to one, headaches are likely to start. It's very possible. Like myocarditis, what is it that causes some people to express it and not others? Quite simply, the amount of energy that the product (graphene oxide) receives, nothing else. And it is only by chance that some fall ill and others do not. It is like the first wave. People fell ill, above all, in nursing homes. Because in all the residences, there are antennas installed, and almost all the people had graphene in their bodies. And why did they fall in other places? Because many were vaccinated against influenza, even if they were not in old people's homes.

And they didn't live in nursing homes. They lived in the city. And in the city, if you are near an antenna, it can cause something. However, the woman or the children who were not vaccinated did not fall ill. '

And why does that happen if this is so contagious? They didn't fall ill around me, and yet I did.' 

There's the answer.

If it's so infectious, why do you fall ill and not others? Because you had something in your body that the others didn't have. 

The first thing to ask is: 'Are you vaccinated against the flu? 'No.' Were you vaccinated for something else? Were you 'graphene'd' in some way? Did you have an infusion, or did you have some kind of injectable or something that could have gotten into your body? Or are you breathing this (chemtrails) from the air constantly because you're out on the street walking often? 

I mean, there was some underlying reason why people fell into one house and not another. And yet, in others, you fall a lot of sick people. Some are more serious and others less serious. Probably, those who had the antennas very close were irradiating and causing the most serious cases in the 'graphene'd' people. And the less serious cases in those who had only inhaled the product but had not injected it. As in every case, it is necessary to analyze what's exactly what and understand how it all works.

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