Is there any way to know the level of graphene in the organism?

December 01, 2021

In a new round of questions, Dr. José Luis Sevillano of La Quinta Columna was asked if there is any way of knowing the levels of graphene present in the organism. The degree of magnetism would be an indicator.

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Ricardo Delgado: This question says: "Good evening. Is there any way to know the level of graphene in the organism?" José Luis? Not the exact level, but magnetism could be an indicator.

Dr. Sevillano: Magnetism is an indicator. If it has entered through the inhaled route (we believe it also enters through there), and if it has entered through... That at least gives you an idea of how much is there. It goes into the strength that the magnetic power of your body has when it attracts objects. And that happens when you've been injected with it (if you've taken the jab), or when you've inhaled it. And that magnetism gives you an idea of how much you have in you. It gives you an idea.

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