Dr. Sevillano on the risks of muscle electrostimulation in inoculants

November 22, 2021

Some of the many questions asked by professionals who work, in some way, with electricity or magnetism is whether the devices they use could negatively affect the inoculants, given that they carry graphene oxide and other elements with electromagnetic properties in their bodies.

Recently, Dr. Sevillano in La Quinta Columna answered a question related to electrostimulation and what to do to avoid adverse effects on inoculants.

Orwell City brings his recommendation to English.

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Ricardo Delgado: Question from Chile.

'I work with muscular electrostimulation (EEC). Do you think...'

The person asking is probably a personal trainer. To achieve greater performance... Supposedly, with 5 to 10 minutes of electrostimulation you can achieve greater hypertrophy.

'Would there be any risk of training vaccinated people?'

This is asked because they're giving small electric shocks to people's biceps, for example.

Dr. Sevillano: We have said it more than once. Right now, with the product that we know is going into the body, the fewer electromagnetic fields, let's say, interfere or interact with the human being that is intoxicated, the better.

The advice is we know that —maybe, we're screwing up his work, but...— it moves, accumulates, circulates, and is aggregated by the famous telophoresis just under electromagnetic or magnetic fields.

Then, we can only tell you to be very cautious if you do it and, if you can, avoid it.

If you can, change your technique during this time. Maybe, look for another technique. See if there's some way you can help, let's say, while waiting to see what's going on. Do something else. Work more mechanically rather than electrophysiologically. Try to work more on the para-muscular mechanics so that you work other exercises. Try to avoid EEC for a while, unless you're working with a person who's not vaccinated.

But notice what a world we're walking into. Just notice.

Then maybe, it doesn't do you any harm, but, since we don't know, we have to be very prudent. Very cautious.

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