A few words from Dr. Pablo Campra about his research work

November 08, 2021

While Orwell City keeps working on the full translation and subtitling of the exposition of the report on the presence of graphene oxide in COVID vaccines that Dr. Pablo Campra madeo on La Quinta Columna last week, enjoy a short video he recorded himself for the worldwide scientific community in which he talks about his findings.

Read/Download his report:

Spanish: Research Gate | La Quinta Columna | DocDroid
English: Not On The Beeb


Current trasncription/translating/subtitling process of the program in which he explains his research work (23,282 words - 2:30 hr):

Transcription (Spanish): 100%

Proofreading (Spanish): 100%

English Translation: 20%

Proofreading (English): 0%

Subtitling process: 0%

If everything goes well, the fully subtitled program will be completed by Wednesday/Thursday. I've had a lot of work on top of it, but I'm doing what I can to have it ready on Wednesday, if possible.

Thank you for your patience!

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