Placebos might carry the identification technology detected by Bluetooth

November 25, 2021

While research into the phenomenon of MAC addresses detected in inoculated individuals is ongoing, La Quinta Columna shares some of the hypotheses that have been put forward.

While there are placebos free of graphene oxide, there are, apparently, placebos that contain the technology that makes it possible for those inoculated to acquire a unique, Bluetooth-detectable code.

Below, Orwell City brings the words of the Spanish researchers.

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Ricardo Delgado: We've already answered this question. 

From Benalmádena, Costa Málaga: "My question is: do the vaccinated emit Bluetooth waves yes or no? Is it proven?"

Not everybody.

If the question or the way to ask this... If you want scientific evidence as to why... Well, we're studying all the hypotheses, like graphene quantum dots after graphene oxide exfoliation in the body by biodegradation and by teslaphoresis.

But to prove it means to corroborate it. One thing is scientific evidence and another thing is corroboration from a statistical point of view, for example.

You can do the corroboration yourself, indraedith. That's to say, download the Bluetooth Scanner application and verify it, precisely, with your close relatives.

You know that Dr. Luis de Benito did a very important study in this regard. And he did prove it.

And in La Quinta Columna we did an internal investigation (when we were immersed in the whole study of graphene). And we considered, strategically, not to talk so much about MAC addresses.Which seem inconceivable, but unfortunately, are true.

Dr. Sevillano: Yes. And whether they all emit it or not..., I don't know. 

It seems that there are placebos. What we don't know is whether placebos also carry the identification technology. Even if it's a placebo and you don't carry graphene. But it does appear that there are placebos concerning graphene. Not everybody is carrying it. That's very likely. What we don't know is how many people carry a placebo.

Whether there are individuals identified or not, there's a placebo, from what we seem to be seen since we started investigating this. 

It's not a lot of people, maybe, but some people haven't had anything harmful put into them, other than identification.

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