Wireless technology (4G, 4G Plus, 5G, etc) has a detrimental effect on health

October 24, 2021

La Quinta Columna has been warning for almost a year now about the adverse effects of wireless technology on human health, both vaccinated and unvaccinated. However, this still remains unknown to many new followers of the Spanish research team.

Thanks to a question asked by a new follower, Dr. Sevillano took the opportunity to explain that even though an antenna may appear to belong to an earlier generation than the currently fashionable (5G), it may still be emitting certain frequencies that exceed the accepted maximum.

Orwell City provides the key excerpt, below.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: From Argentina. AlfredoJorge80 asks: 'Do 4G antennas affect vaccinated people? Thank you.' 

Dr. Sevillano: This question allows us to insist with the issue that it's not a matter of generation technology. It's that, whatever it is, they install it on antennas related to telephony. Whatever it is. Then, we don't know, exactly, what they install. 

We have to show the Payeras' video from time to time so that new people find out. They install something that has nothing to do with the technology we use to make phone calls, or that's the computer. And they install it in the same tower. So, as long as there's a telephone tower, that's it. They may have already installed it. 

And maybe you can say: 'But that antenna was already working and it doesn't have anything else.' Maybe that antenna, which seems to be of a certain generation, is performing other functions. So, don't rely on the generation. Anything, any tower, or any mobile telephone device may be being used for what we're saying. 

Payeras already said it. He was told it by someone at a high level and that, obviously, who's not going to identify himself. But we already suspected that all this was so.

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