Graphene oxide causes sudden deaths in athletes

October 11, 2021

In its most recent program, La Quinta Columna made reference to the alarming number of bodybuilders and high-performance athletes in general that experience sudden death after having been inoculated.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano explained why people who perform more physical activity die faster than those who don't.

Do not miss the details of his explanation in the following video that Orwell City brings on this occasion.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Let's go with this avalanche. There's also an avalanche of bodybuilders who are losing their lives. And I'm thinking that this, José Luis, is because bodybuilders, especially, do strength work. And with strength work, above all, the heart performs a lot of activity.

Dr. Sevillano: That's it.

Ricardo Delgado: All this can be very much related to graphene, which has an affinity for the heart, as we already know. And these people give the heart more electrical activity. Because to move the amount of blood required to nourish all that musculature, it logically has a lot of activity. This is something very well known within the bodybuilding field. So there are at least 11 known bodybuilders who have died within one or two weeks, as far as we know.

Dr. Sevillano: This is the alert that we have been... Listen carefully. There's something we're doing lately. It's just that this is unprecedented. The fact that scientific information is being sought in the networks is unheard of. 

Normally, laboratories don't do their studies in this way. And yet, many people are already doing studies through the information they see on the networks. Remember Astrid Stuckelberger, this woman who was part of the WHO, and that's into graphene now. Doing studies on her own, as well. As she says in the video you shared the other day, we aren't allowed to do clinical studies. Neither do they fund them, nor do they allow you to perform them. Not even think about asking for authorization. 

Then, the way to get information, right now, is through networks. And what we do is, let's say, a 'sampling' of what is happening through the information that reaches us through each channel. Channels that are, more or less, numerous in terms of subscribers. But we're receiving information that is still a sampling that at some point can be transformed into a study. But this alerts us. The fact that people are losing their lives suddenly, especially sportsmen, is something that we didn't see so often before. Right, Ricardo? 

It's that this was not seen. You didn't use to see so many young people dying and appearing in the newspapers. Neither young people nor bodybuilders. That's to say, the more physical activity, or the more cardiovascular activity you have at a given time, the more the risks increase. All these cases are arrhythmias. 

This, almost certainly, must be arrhythmias since heart attacks and strokes lead to other types of deaths

In general, they don't lead to sudden deaths. But these that we see are all sudden deaths. People die suddenly from exercise. It's known that if graphene attaches to your heart, it triggers a fatal seizure/arrhythmia, and bye-bye. And they go on to a better life. And this is due to this mechanism that we're talking about. The graphene must become hyper-excited as body temperature rises and myocardial activity (electrical activity) increases. This should generate arrhythmias that lead people to death. And, for that reason, the media said that we had to be careful with doing sport and that it was not so good for our health. In other words, they're trying to make people not realize this. They're trying, in a way, not to make them aware of it.

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