High suspicions of Graphene Oxide in Pneumovax 23 vaccine

October 22, 2021

Recently, La Quinta Columna has acquired a Haxon Achilles II optical microscope to make observations of injectables that anonymous collaborators have sent them. 

Week after week, the Spanish research team obtains injectables of all types and origins and, since they have a microscope in their possession, they have been able to see materials that meet the classic characteristics of graphene oxide. Of course, all this will be confirmed in due course with spectroscopy analysis. But for the moment, suspicions of the presence of the fashionable nanomaterial that is intoxicating the world are quite high.

Below, Orwell City brings a fragment of the most recent program in which biostatistician Ricardo Delgado and Dr. José Luis Sevillano view and comment on the images obtained in their first optical approach with the Pneumovax 23 vaccine.

On a side note: Don't forget to check on the new app La Quinta Columna has launched. You can find the Campra report and more relevant of the Spanish group there (in both English and Spanish).

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Ricardo Delgado: That's right, before I forget, José Luis. Before going on with the Q&A section, I had promised at the beginning of the program —in the introduction— that we were going to show the images of another vaccine. Pneumovax 23, which is a pneumococcal vaccine. 

We have made an optical approach with this magnificent microscope, and a series of images could be seen. Not all of them are visually compatible with the observation with graphene, but there are some folds that we know that, as you know, can be characterized from the point of view that you can see those wrinkled tissues as if they were at the bottom of a swimming pool. You can see the folds and, in addition, the rounded edges on itself. 

Let's watch the video to see what Dr. Sevillano thinks. And all of you too, of course. Pneumovax 23 vaccine. I believe it's also a calendar vaccine, is that right, José Luis?

Dr. Sevillano: It's used in children, too. Yes, it is. Against pneumococcus.

Ricardo Delgado: That's right. Well, here we have the vaccine. 

That doesn't appear, at first glance, to be (graphene). 

Dr. Sevillano: No. 

Ricardo Delgado: There's a little piece that might be. I took this as a reference, but then you can see something there. For example, this does look like it (graphene). 

Dr. Sevillano: It could be. Yes. 

Ricardo Delgado: Here, as this was in a layer of the droplet itself, you can see movement. That doesn't look like graphene either, does it? 

Dr. Sevillano:No. No, it doesn't look like it. 

Ricardo Delgado: I don't think so. What's on the left may be graphene. It may be. The one on the right might be, I guess.

Dr. Sevillano: Some of these we're looking at making me wonder.

Ricardo Delgado:  This one looks like it could be. 

Dr. Sevillano: That one does look like it. That one does. 

Ricardo Delgado: Before you get to the edge of the drop, look how big it looks now.

Dr. Sevillano: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. 

Ricardo Delgado: And this one too. Wrinkled in the center. The crease looks pretty good. 

Could be. 

Could be.

Dr. Sevillano: Could be. Yes. That one makes me think too.

Ricardo Delgado: That one looks like graphene too, doesn't it? 

Dr. Sevillano: This one looks like it too. Yeah. 

Ricardo Delgado: And those two? 

Dr. Sevillano: Those look like graphene too. They have the characteristics. 

Ricardo Delgado: These also look like graphene. 

Dr. Sevillano: It could be, too, because it looks like it folds in on itself. 

Ricardo Delgado: And the bottom one also appears to be a nanosheet. 

Dr. Sevillano: That's right. To be completed. Exactly. What vaccine did you tell me this is? Prevnar? What was it called?

Ricardo Delgado: Pneumovax. Right now, I've looked under the microscope at two substances. One of them it's the Toujeo insulin, which is quite commercial. An insulin pen, in which you also saw the same characteristics. And I looked at Pneumovax 23. But here have a huge list of the injectables that they have provided me with.

Dr. Sevillano: This looks to me like the one we're using? It doesn't have the same name on here. But it's the one with the number 23, and of valences... This is the one that is applied to people who have lung problems. It's for adults. This is not included in the calendar. This is for adults with lung disease.

Ricardo Delgado: We'll look it up later if you want.

Dr. Sevillano: If we check it later, just to be sure.

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