Non-existent Cold Chain

October 01, 2021

Throughout all this time, we have been told that COVID vaccines should be stored under specific conditions, respecting a cold chain of -20ºC to-30ºC. However, these measures are non-existent in practice. The only thing that is sought with them is to prevent the graphene oxide contained in the vials from becoming visible at a higher temperature.

The following video, sent to La Quinta Columna, denounces the situation.

Orwell City offers it in English below.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Today, according to the title of today's program, you'll see —and we're going to see it practically now— how this so-called vaccine is stored. 

We were told that these vaccines had to be stored under special control conditions through the security of the military, the police, and the General State Security Forces and Corps. And that they also had to be kept in cold conditions. In a cold chain. About 20 or 30 degrees below zero. A madness. 

Those measures were, especially, so that the toxic that they carry inside couldn't express visibly those exotic properties it has

 Let's watch the video without further delays so that you can see how vaccines are stored and, of course, so that you become aware of it. I'm asking you to share this video that I'll upload to the Telegram channel of La Quinta Columna so that you can download it and upload it to all your social networks Facebook, Instagram, etcetera. So that people become aware of what's going on. Here comes the video. 

Man: Well, I'm working in some pharma labs. I'm not giving the name. It's irrelevant. And well, I'm recording this so that you can see how they brainwash you. How they want to convince us, and they want to trick us. How they are inventing all this fucking shit. Okay? The vaccine must be stored at 30 degrees below zero, and I don't know how many other stories. Right? Well, here you have a pallet. See? COVID vaccine. Full of them. And not one, but more. See? Fuck 'em. 

Ricardo Delgado: Well, it's clear, isn't it? Anyone watching this may say: 'Did I get a vax from one of those lots?' It's the same. It doesn't matter what lot they get. The only obsession is to introduce the toxicant. That's why you can mix it with the flu vaccine. You have already had Johnson's as your first dose, and now you're getting AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca can be combined and mixed with Janssen or Moderna. It's the same thing. The only thing that counts is a considerable dose of graphene oxide introduced into the vaccine. Just as evidenced in the preliminary report on the vial by Dr. Campra Madrid. A doctor in Chemical Sciences and a graduate in Biology, also a Professor at the Public University of Almeria, Spain.

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