Graphene oxide & Neuromodulation

October 30, 2021

In a new round of questions, Dr. Sevillano answered a question about the purpose of introducing graphene oxide into the body. This introduction would have two purposes: population reduction and neuromudulation.

Below, Orwell City brings the doctor's words into English.

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Ricardo Delgado: From Madrid. 'Good evening, Ricardo and Dr. Sevillano. Why is there graphene and not another toxic in vaccines? Is it to kill people by scorching them to death with the waves and so that those left alive can be neuromodulated?'

Dr. Sevillano: We think so. Both. It's possible.

Right now, at this stage of the operation, I think they care less about neuromodulation. That's what I think or what I want to think.

That's why we're waiting to see if the new wave comes. If it only causes cardiovascular problems such as thrombi, infarction, embolism, myocarditis, pericarditis, arrhythmias, or if it also causes problems at the level of the brain it's because, in that case, what they have done is to introduce thick material. Nano-sheets of sufficient size so that they don't pass the encephalic hematoma barrier. This means that, now, what they want to do is to kill.

And later on, when the time comes to neuromodulate, they'll put much smaller sheets, so that they will cross the barrier. And if they cross the barrier, they neuromodulate you. That's a hypothesis that, until we see how sick people get in the next wave, we aren't going to know.

We have already been told that there will be a brain tsunami, so I'm not very convinced that they want to do everything at the same time and in just one attempt. We don't know.

Right now, we know that the two effects can be sought at any time —if not, both at the same time—, and we have the feeling that we're going to find out at any time.

As soon as they start to radiate, people will start to fall from COVID, and also fall from cerebral complications. We also know that, at any moment, they can neuromodulate. My friends, the moment that reaches the brain, they can neuromodulate.

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