More videos on unknown elements found in COVID vaccination vials

October 03, 2021

During their 148th program, La Quinta Columna shared 2 new light microscopy videos of the contents of a COVID-19 vaccination vial. 

The Spanish duo has again reiterated that one of the reasons why the final report that Dr. Campra has been working on for months has taken so long to complete is, in part, because it has taken a good amount of time time to identify the elements that have been detected in the vials. These are strange things that are not described in the literature.

Here is the key excerpt from the program brought to English by Orwell City.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Let's take a look at this video —which is new— of the contents of one of the anti-COVID vaccines. Let's see what you think about it. 

Dr. Sevillano: Can you enlarge it, Ricardo? Is it possible? 

Ricardo Delgado: I'm going to expand it like this. That's what I can do, change to full screen. 

Dr. Sevillano: There you go. You can see a lot. It's a little bit out of focus. 

Ricardo Delgado: Yes. This may have happened while playing with the capacitor. 

Dr. Sevillano: That does look like graphene. And everything around it, we don't know what it is. All those that are white or blackish in color... We don't know what all that is. They seem to be the same material. There are other images in which we see more shapes that have nothing to do with those. 

But, there, we see graphene and those white particles. Which is as if they were crystals, but they're not crystals. And we don't know what it is. So, what looks like graphene isn't graphene. We don't know what it is either. We don't know what it is. You see those things like... That's the same thing that's going out of focus now. You see that, right? Well, we don't if that it's graphene either. It's... It's impressive, all of this. Impressive. 

Ricardo Delgado: Let's see, I've got another video over here. Yeah, yeah, go ahead, José Luis. 

Dr. Sevillano: I want to say that there shouldn't be anything observable. We shouldn't see anything. On that object holder, you shouldn't see anything. Not even a white dot or anything. 

You might be able to make out some punctiform structure and, with a lot of effort, it could be the nanoparticles that we're told come wrapped in a lipid capsule. But they would look homogeneous. All the same and almost imperceptible dotting. And you've seen that you see it clearly, right? And that microscope is not a high magnification microscope. That's magnified ten times, nothing more. That's to say, be careful that what is there shouldn't be there. And people don't know that

As much as 'Maldito Bulo' (*) says whatever it is, and the government says the other thing, it doesn't have to be there. And we didn't make that up. That's in the vaccines that we're looking at. 

(*): Maldito Bulo is a Spanish fact-checker website.

Ricardo Delgado: And sealed vaccines, huh? 

Dr. Sevillano: Sealed. 

Ricardo Delgado: Well. Here, it seems a still image, even though it's a video. There's movement. If you see, there's particle movement over here. There's kind of a little hairy thing moving here. It ended. There are lots and lots of videos and lots of images. Don't think we are wasting our time. But it's just as José Luis says, and it's what I think too. It doesn't even seem to be terrestrial technology. Or, at least, known. Because nobody knows exactly what it is.

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