Exclusive photographs of Janssen's vaccine content under optical microscopy

October 14, 2021

EIn its 158th program, La Quinta Columna shared new photographs and videos on the content of COVID vaccines. 

On this occasion, the Spanish researchers showed a video with the content of the Janssen vaccine under optical microscopy.

Shockingly, what's observed coincides with the dried blood samples of Dr. Zandre Botha and the photographs of the contents of the Pfizer vaccine, recently shared by Dr. Franc Zalewski.

What, exactly, is being injected into the population? What is it that the elite and their collaborators want to inoculate into us? Many things in the 'vaccines' cannot be identified beyond graphene oxide and the odd metal. 

La Quinta Columna is calling on anyone who has an idea of what is seen in this new video to contact and help them in their work to expose the truth behind the fashionable injectable poison.

Below is the video with the contents of the Janssen vaccine.

Link: Rumble

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