On graphene oxide in injectables and Bluetooth codes

October 12, 2021

In addition to the cases of inoculants who present complications derived from graphene oxide and unidentified materials, there are cases of patients who have been injected with different drugs depending on the procedures they have had to undergo in hospitals and who present the phenomenon of Bluetooth codes and symptoms of intoxication with graphene oxide.

Dr. Martín Monteverde approached the issue to La Quinta Columna to which Dr. Sevillano shared what's known to date on the subject.

For all the details, see the following video that Orwell City brings on this occasion.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: 'To a patient of mine,' writes Dr. Martín Monteverde, who's a staunch follower of La Quinta Columna... 

Dr. Sevillano: Yes, yes. He's our friend. 

Ricardo Delgado: A warm hug for him. 

'They have injected dexamethasone in his buttock, and it gives him a Bluetooth code. And, also when...' Let's see, what does it say... 'And also, when his mom... magnet near his buttock, he felt...' 

Dr. Sevillano: 'His mom put a magnet near his buttock.' 

Ricardo Delgado: That's it. 'He felt strong pain, and the area reddened.' 

Dr. Sevillano: They're putting things in the injectables. Careful. And maybe... As we say, they may be putting it in the needles. The identification code could be in needles. Let's call it a chip, microchip, or nanochip. It's possible. And that's what we're working on. 

We're seeing if we can analyze insulin provided by a friend, vials of Voltaren, eye drops. We're in that process because we have realized that they're putting it in many things. 

About a year or a year and a half ago, a man told me that he had been given a perfusion one day when he went to the emergency room with nephritic colic or similar. Once discharged, he noticed that he 'detected' the antennae. At that time, I said to myself: 'Surely, this man is not right in the head.' But he was right in the head. 

They were already putting things, for sure, into the percussions back then. But this is all so incredible that not even those of us who are studying this... Now we know it, but look what we had to go through to find out that there's graphene and believe it ourselves. Because this is incredible. Now we understand all this. Now we do.

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