Cases of inoculated individuals suffering from hematemesis

October 20, 2021

In the Q&A section that La Quinta Columna added to its channel a couple of weeks ago, participants have been able to ask questions related to the environmental theory of COVID-19 or to any symptomatology or strange cases that people are beginning to see in inoculates. 

One question that caught the attention of the Spanish research duo was one referring to the hematemesis that several inoculates present post-inoculation. Why do they vomit blood?

Dr. Sevillano gave a possible explanation for the phenomenon. Orwell City brings the fragment below.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: This question —in some cases, it's because of internal bleeding— 'Why are there cases of vaccinees vomiting blood?' There have been cases, eh.

Dr. Sevillano: Well... Yes, yes. There have been. I don't know, exactly, what's going on there. I don't know if it's because of the famous thrombocytopenia, which, you know, is due to theft. As the platelet is stuck to that material (graphene oxide), and they're located in one part then, the reality is that they're missing where they're needed. So platelets are missing in other areas. Or we don't know if they're micro-thrombi or thrombi that, in the end, burst the spleen, and you start bleeding. I don't understand the mechanism very well, but it has happened. That does happen. 

In fact, remember there was a case —just a month ago— of a woman who was walking down the street, and a man recorded her. Apparently, he was her partner, a friend, or whatever. The woman was lying on the street because she had started vomiting blood, had lost consciousness, and had fallen on the asphalt. She was lying there, waiting for EMS to attend to her. 

Ricardo Delgado: Yes.

Dr. Sevillano: So you can see that this is not a unique case. The blood and the vomit thing is called hematemesis, which is vomiting blood. That's not uncommon in all this. It's actually due to thrombi or platelet-stealing phenomena because, of course, they're busy elsewhere. They're aggregating around something. And, in the end, they're in short supply elsewhere. 

It's similar to what we said earlier concerning the immunity issue. How many papers are already saying that the virus steals immunity and affects immunity? And that the virus this and that? There's something that's clearly disturbing immunity. It's busy trying to get rid of that (of what has been inoculated).

And when you're devoted to one task, you lack the strength to devote yourself to the other, which is the strict surveillance of all the systems. It could be that a cell that has mutated —that manifests an antigen on the surface— is suspected of being, let's say, the forerunner of a tumor. So that's where the labor is enshrined. That's mutating all the time, and what happens is that the cells, as soon as they detect something, quickly go and neutralize it. 

But if you have that whole surveillance system —that's so perfect— saturated, collapsed, because it's taking care of other things, it doesn't get everywhere. It doesn't get there with that power. It's confused. Well, in the end, it's going to be missing somewhere else. That's probably the explanation as to why tumors are triggered by this kind of thing. And it's why you get more cases like this. You get sick more easily. You probably have more bleeding because you're missing platelets. After all, they're somewhere else. 

I mean, that needs some time to adapt, and while it's adapting or not, it's absent where it should be. And that will happen until the body realizes, reacts, and generates a compensated response with what it's receiving. It needs some time to adapt. In that range of time, it can cause you a lot of complications. You can have problems.

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