New exclusive photos and videos of COVID vaccination vial under light microscope

October 02, 2021

A few hours ago, in its 147th program, La Quinta Columna shared new photographs and videos of electron microscopy analysis of one of the vials of vaccination against COVID-19 that the team has obtained in recent months. This material is exclusive and will probably be included in a report soon. 

The explanations and comments of La Quinta Columna below, brought to English by Orwell City.

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Ricardo Delgado: First, we'll see a couple of images, and then we'll see a couple of videos that are very... First, we'll see a couple of images, and then we'll see a couple of videos that are very... 

Dr. Sevillano: The most important thing that people need to know is that there shouldn't be anything visible under a light microscope in vaccines. At most, you could see tiny bubbles in there that might be nanoparticles where they belong, in the vaccines that have them. But tiny bubbles or whatever, which are homogeneous. I mean, something that you would see it all homogeneously, and they wouldn't move around either. At most, you could see that under an optical microscope. And when you have taken a look at the photos, you'll see what's seen under the optical microscope. What tiny bubbles, really! Now you'll see them. 

Ricardo Delgado: First, we'll look at the photographs. One of them is this one. Well. Clearly, you already know what you're seeing there, but these tiny dots shouldn't be here either. These that you see here. This is the characteristic fashion material that you already know. When you play with the condenser, you give it a little bit of relief so that the light can enter it. You see it, and, let's say, you see it a little bit in three dimensions. And it has the characteristic shape of the material. This is one of them. 

Dr. Sevillano: For people who know about microscopes, everything you're going to see was seen in an optical microscope magnified only 10 times. That's not super magnified or anything. It's what you see under the microscope at 10x magnification. At 10 times the original size, things like that were found. This is in the vaccine. So, it's no wonder that people get thrombosis and other conditions when you come across this... Just for you to have an idea: you shouldn't see anything there. That would have to be a pink field —because this microscope has that light—, but it would have to be a field where you wouldn't see anything. At the most, you could see, maybe, as we were saying, some dot over there. But it should be very homogeneous, thinking that there would be nanoparticles of something. If they included something, right? Because they have told us that there were nanoparticles in the vaccines. But at most, it should be something homogeneous. Those nanoparticles should be homogeneous, all the same size, and dispersed throughout the solution. Well, look at the dots you see. Notice that they aren't homogeneous. They're materials, sometimes of one size, sometimes of another. Look at what they have put in there. Just look at this image. 

Ricardo Delgado: This is a sealed vaccine, eh? And closed. Well, let's take this out, and let's look at this other image. This one has caught my attention since, apart from it being the closest thing to what you already know —the famous kleenex that we saw in the Pfizer vaccine that corresponds to the fashionable material—, we have this. See? Well, these have given peaks compatible with graphene. We've been told that as well, okay. That's right. Of course. This resembles the famous Morgellons that have been found in masks and so on, and which we haven't talked about yet. Some people think, as well, that they benefit somehow, precisely, using graphene. Some think that these are a kind of pseudo-technological parasites. Who knows! In any case, this shouldn't be in vaccines. 

Dr. Sevillano: Exactly. That shouldn't be there. None of this. Well... Have you seen the variety of things there? We're going to keep seeing things. You've seen irregular white dots. You've seen elongated things, like pieces of a blade of grass or whatever, like a weird vegetable. You've seen the graphene folds. We're going to continue to look at images so people can see the things that go in the vials. 

Ricardo Delgado: Now we're going to look at a couple of videos that are about a minute long. One of them is this one. You will see movement. Here, there's more magnification. I think quite a bit more magnification. But come on, it could be 80X or 200X, at most. And there's non-Brownian motion. We'll comment on that now. Well, now it's moved a little bit. That's a mass. They're nanoparticles, or that's what they look like, right, José Luis? 

Dr. Sevillano: Yes. But you have to have good eyesight to see the movement, but, if you notice, all that is moving. I don't know if you can see it. Let's see if the person focus on it better. 

Ricardo Delgado: Yes, yes, yes, yes, but you can see the movement. Okay, that's the end of the video. Some people are saying: 'I have a digital microscope of 300 digital magnification.' 'I have an 800 digital and another classic one.' But those don't have a good condenser. You need a microscope from 500 to 600 euros upwards, which is what you've seen this with. Another one is... Let's see. Well, something will be seen, probably. 

Dr. Sevillano: Seeing that with a magnification of 10 you're already seeing things... And they haven't done much with that sample. They've just centrifuged it. They haven't processed it with any material or anything. It's just centrifuged, and that's it. What you see is the part that's left in... 

Ricardo Delgado: The next video is the most interesting one. Because, here, apart from graphene, other things can also be seen. Let's watch it. Notice how they are in suspension and moving. Look how this piece is moving, as well. But, well. I guess it's because it is floating in the aqueous suspension. But look at everything that's in there. 

Dr. Sevillano: That's being injected in people's bodies. Pregnant women, children, old and young. Everybody they catch, they inject that to them. And other things that carry other vaccines that we can't say, but they have up to four or five different things identified. We have seen these things that even look like fungus. Look closely. You can even see things that look like fungus. This appears to be all material, let's say, inert. Not metallic, whatever. And I'm telling you, we've seen images that look like fungus in other ones of them. We've seen doped graphene. That's dot-doped graphene that looks like heavy metals. We have seen other types of nanoparticles that we don't know, exactly, what they're either. 

In other words, we have seen everything. Here in the vaccine, they're putting whatever they want. Whatever they want, and it is not stated in the package insert. 'No, no. Graphene isn't listed in the package insert. It isn't. Neither is this.' Let's see how you explain, then, that this is there in an uncontaminated sample. This was all sealed. All of that shouldn't be seen. You could imagine, maybe, the nanoparticles as a little speck that you wouldn't even have to be able to see. But well, you could see, perhaps, some of it. But in a very homogeneous way. And look at the irregularity of the irregularities you're seeing there. Something like that should never be in a vaccine. And look at the amount of crap in that vaccine. Take a good look. 

In other words, as we were saying while we were discussing among ourselves, we are surprised that more people aren't dying. It's as simple as that. We can conclude that we are surprised that people do not die more often. 

What consequences does this have on the person who is injected with this? The issue of thrombi seems to me to be the least serious because we don't even know what it is that we have seen that resembles a fungus. What have they put in there? 

Be are aware of what they're injecting people with. People don't know they are being injected with it, and the person injecting it doesn't know it either. The one who injects thinks that's saving another person's life. This is the drama we're living. People don't know what they are injecting, and the one who injects doesn't know what he is injecting. And the people in the newspapers, it is quite possible, don't even know what they are defending. They don't know either. So, we have to share this so that they know.

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