Encephalitis triggered by Graphene Oxide post vaccination

October 06, 2021

A few days ago, La Quinta Columna incorporated a new section in its program. In this section, they receive questions from their followers, and they answer them. Most of these questions are addressed to Dr. José Luis Sevillano, who is the expert on the subject of COVID-19 Environmental Theory, and on how human biology reacts to graphene and electromagnetic waves from a clinical point of view.

On this occasion, a follower asked whether the graphene oxide that's installed in the brain after crossing the blood-brain barrier may be degraded by the immune system after one year has elapsed (the time it takes the body naturally to get rid of this nanomaterial). 

Dr. Sevillano explains that it's possible. But that the damage done by the immune system when trying to get rid of this material in such delicate tissues can cause encephalitis or other neurological problems.

The following is Dr. Sevillano's answer translated into English by Orwell City.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: (Reading a question for Dr. Sevillano) When it manages to enter the brain, i.e., cross the brain barrier, do you also think that it disappears after a year has passed? 

Maybe it does, doesn't it? 

Dr. Sevillano: Yes, yes, yes. In the same way that graphene reaches every place, the immune system also reaches every place. And it's the one that destroys it. And, somehow, it comes into balance as the lung eliminates it. So, in a way, it has to be eliminated in any way it can. 

Of course, it depends on the dose and the damage it causes you. It can trigger encephalitis or a neuronal type problem in the head until the body gets rid of it. But the body will try to get rid of it. That's the origin of the encephalitis caused by this so-called coronavirus. They're actually caused because of a reaction. 

The brain becomes inflamed because the immune system 'attacks' it. I say 'attacks' because it's doing damage. Graphene must have entered in large quantities. And, in addition, it has been very excited by electromagnetic waves, so the brain becomes inflamed. 

Here we talked about the case of a child, a boy, who had had encephalitis when he was young. And, now, that he had been vaccinated, he had repeated the case again. That's to say, this child probably doesn't live far from antennas. He already had it when he was a little boy without having a brain with graphene. Maybe, since we don't know under what circumstances he lives. But the second encephalitis was obviously triggered by graphene as soon as it entered the brain. 

If you have an antenna nearby and moreover graphene gets into your head, it inflames your brain. And when I say it inflames the brain, I mean the brain itself. The whole encephalic mass. Graphene gets into every nook and cranny, sticks to every neuron, stays in the interstitial space between cells, between neurons. And there it is, wreaking havoc, as they say. There it's doing damage, and then the immune system intervenes to get rid of it

But as the immune system doesn't know anything else but that it has to get rid of it, it goes bombing, many times, destroying what it sees as strange. So, if it gets out of hand, it causes more harm than good. This is the origin of the cytokine storm, which is nothing more than the immune response that's not so specific when it's massive. When it's very localized, it does limit the damage. But when there is so much damage, that response is massive and it's a disaster. It destroys what is causing damage and what is not. It does damage everywhere.

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