Non-ionizing radiation & Alzheimer's Disease

October 23, 2021

The damage caused by the non-ionizing radiation emitted by antennas related to 4G, 4G Plus, and 5G technology in itself is enough to cause neurodegeneration of all kinds, even leaving aside the graphene oxide factor.

In the following excerpt that Orwell City brings on this occasion, Dr. Sevillano from La Quinta Columna explains the different cases he has seen in which the neurodegeneration he sees in his patients is due to non-ionizing radiation emitted by antennas.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: 7alcon7, from Madrid, is not really looking for an answer. He says: In my case, I live near Calderón, and I had an antenna less than 70 meters away —like me, very close—. In the housing block, there are 3 antennas in total. Many people already have Alzheimer's. They are different cases. In mine, there are 3 of us at home who suffer from the damned disease. Three months ago, they finally removed the antenna I had nearby.

Dr. Sevillano: It's one of the effects that I have realized with the few people that I have been able to have here in my practice. Not from studies. But I have already noticed that neurodegeneration is dependent on these antennas. 

Look, with very few cases that I have had, when I analyze and look back twenty years, I say, 'But I have already discovered which Alzheimer's cases I have had in my region. All linked to the antennas.' Curious, isn't it? That's curious. 

That's enough for you to go anywhere and say, 'Hey, man, I found the answer. I've got the good clue!' But wherever you make the call, they're going to tell you that's already been studied. Whether it's the Medical College or your colleague at the hospital, wherever. 'No, no. If that doesn't do any harm, there are already studies.' 

False studies. All of them are false. Those that our 'friend' Nájera reads, for example, because the real studies, on the ground, this man gives them to you. 

Do you want to know where the insane are? Well, look for them near antennas

Those suffering from Parkinson's disease? Near antennas

Progressive nuclear palsies and all that-which are neurodegenerations of another nucleus of the brain? Look for them near antennas

The police station case. There are three people with tumors in the same police station, and the antenna is within 50, 60, or 70 meters

Do you realize the damage this does without graphene? I'm not telling you anything when all the people have graphene in their bodies.

I mean, of course, they will. So, when you have an antenna near you, and you see that it gives you symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, try to sell the house and get out of there. Because that antenna will not be removed, and you'll get sick and die because of it. 

The fact is that, here, houses are devalued up to 60% and 70%. And people don't know that. But, here, many people know that, and they don't buy houses near antennas. And whoever wants to sell his house has to be sufficiently astute and able to hide the antennas thing. People who are awake will not buy it if it has an antenna nearby. 

Then, people become aware of the damage these things do. They know that they do harm and, nevertheless, they continue to install them. They keep installing them. Just like the vaccine. 

We have already denounced them. The judges know about it, and they do nothing. You tell your colleagues, and they do nothing. So that you can see that this is not about public health. Here there are other dirty interests behind all this that put people's health at risk, and nobody pays attention. 

Ricardo Delgado: It's crystal clear.

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