Those inoculated against COVID-19 will be more likely to develop AIDS

October 28, 2021

According to some studies being published, it is reported that those vaccinated against the fashionable disease are more prone to suffer from AIDS.

In a recent program of La Quinta Columna, Dr. José Luis Sevillano explains why.

Orwell City brings the excerpt below.

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Ricardo Delgado: cris_deco from Chile, says: Do you know of an English study that claims that affected graphene will develop AIDS in a few months? If you know, can you comment on it?Immunosuppression, or not? 

Dr. Sevillano: Exactly. It simply destroys your body. In fact, the definition of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome... In the early days, there was a big problem in defining exactly what it was. Because..., especially in Africa. Because, my friends, hunger produces AIDS. Hunger produces it. That's why so many cases multiplied in Africa. Damn! People starve to death. They're all acquired immune deficiency syndromes. Because of that, there was a very serious problem in defining what AIDS was in Africa. It's just that it's all been twisted for a long time. 

We have to put an end to this. We have to put an end to this. 

Obviously, when it (the vax) touches your immune system and fucks you alive, literally... When it screws you up, makes you lose weight, makes you sick until you get cancer or something else by dint of vaccination, you'll develop an Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. 

You're going to be a guy who's going to be in failing health, chronically ill, with your body trying to get rid of it, and eventually, they're going to say, 'It's AIDS. You're contaminated with AIDS.' Do you understand? When they see how people will evolve with this... They already know what various doses produce. Eventually, people end up triggering acquired immune deficiency syndrome. And then they will say that AIDS has appeared on the coronavirus. 

These people have it all figured out. As the strange pictures appear by dint of injections, they will come up with an explanation that they have up their sleeve. They have a few eggheads out there who know medical stuff to find an explanation for every little thing these people do to others.  And they will come up with another explanation for that and the other. 

You know, every time something new comes out they say, 'It's the Spike protein.' 'No, no. It's just this and that...' They'll always offer you an excuse for everything. And the AIDS thing doesn't surprise me at all.

Ricardo Delgado: legionnaire82 comments: 'That's why it was initially called ANDS and not AIDS. Acquired Nutritional Deficiency Syndrome.

Dr. Sevillano: Yes, that's it.

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