Vaccinated individuals show radioactivity that could make unvaccinated ill

September 04, 2021

In an exclusive interview for the program La Voz de España on Channel 5 TV, La Quinta Columna reported that, in addition to detecting ionizing waves in the environment using Geiger counters, they're also detecting them in some vaccinated individuals. The reason for this is most probably due to graphene oxide, a nanomaterial that has a wave-multiplying property.

This is a topic that the Spanish team will be expanding on in their upcoming programs.

Below, the key fragment offered by Orwell City.

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Ricardo Delgado: We have said that graphene has a multiplying effect and places non-ionizing telephone waves almost at Cherenkov radiation, close to ionizing waves. 

Thanks to this, we have discovered that when we use the Geiger counters —and we're going to mention this today in the La Quinta Columna's daily program, too— in vaccinated people, in those who already have asphyxia problems, and in vaccinated people who present a symptom similar to the real COVID symptomatology, in them, the radiation device is triggered. In other words, these people —if this is really acute irradiation syndrome— give off some radiation. 

And that means that other people who are close to them aren't going to suffer the same thing, but they're going to be affected anyway

This same research is being followed by Dr. Stackelberg, who is a former member of the WHO. She is also following all the work of La Quinta Columna. In principle, we were suspicious of her because all those who are ex-Pfizers, ex-WHOs, and ex-anything we put in quarantine. 

There are members from La Quinta Columna who are measuring this radiation with Geiger counters. We have been gifted one, by the way. And we're using it on vaccinated people. And that isn't contagion because there's nothing biological. But it does happen that when a woman, for example, is close to a vaccinated person, she experiences an alteration in her menstrual cycle

La Voz de España: Yes. 

Ricardo Delgado: It also happens that children have palpitations. When unvaccinated children are near vaccinated children. And that fits with acute radiation syndrome once again. If people have a material that multiplies the frequency inside their bodies, it makes them radioactive

La Voz de España: Right. 

Ricardo Delgado: That, in the sense that they emit radiation, almost, of the ionizing type. Do you understand that? They are a target. A target is about to explode depending on the fields they're receiving. Because what radiation does is make you chronically ill. That's what they're doing to us now. 

La Voz de España: True. 

Ricardo Delgado: In other words, in the body, there's an amount measured in Gray, which would be the dose, and the Siebert, which is the dose of radiation that you're absorbing. I don't know the standard right now. But every year, we have a minimum or a maximum of radiation that we cannot absorb because from that point on, it becomes lethal

Last night I measured here 2.5 roentgen per hour, which is equivalent to 4 CT scans. As if we had four X-rays in my house. I see. So, with this, we explain the tiredness, the disturbance of sleep cycles, the pain in the legs and joints. Because we're being irradiated

La Voz de España: Clearly. 

Ricardo Delgado: They're irradiating us.

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