Non-ionizing radiation exceeding 50 times the maximum allowed in open places

September 11, 2021

New measurements of pulses between the non-ionizing and ionizing range, also known as Cherenkov radiation, have been made on beaches in Spain. 

In a video recorded and shared by a follower of La Quinta Columna, it can be seen how the values are 50 times higher than normal on the Malvarrosa beach in Valencia. The woman has made the records with a BR-9A meter.

As the woman explains what she records and asks questions, the biostatistician and director of La Quinta Columna answers them, too, for all those who want to get one of these meters and know when they are measuring something out of the ordinary.

Once again, Orwell City brings the excerpt to English.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Now, I'll show you another video, so you can see what's really happening on the beaches. And also in the rest of the country. This is what is really happening. This is the sixth wave that is coming.

Misha: I'm on Malvarrosa beach. This is Misha speaking. Well, I've been lying there, on the beach, for a little while, and I've got a headache that you can't imagine. And well, I had almost forgotten that I had this in my bag and I said: "Come on! Let's see what values it records. What's the reason for this headache?"

Ricardo Delgado: Well, here on the beach 18.000 µW/m² - 19.000 µW/m². Come on, I don't understand. I don't understand these values, but all these bars that you see elevated are bars of 59.000 µW/m² and 40.000 µW/m² that measure pulses. 

Look! 52.000 µW/m². That's where it just showed it. Wait for a second and see if it goes back to 52.000 µW/m². But all these bars are 50.000 µW/m² measurements here. 49.000 µW/m². It's beeping. I don't know if you hear it, but it's beeping. 48,000 µW/m², 54,000 µW/m². And you see it's pulsing. 

Well, this is here in Valencia, on Malvarrosa beach. They're literally frying us.

And probably, as you know, it's possible that this device is altered and is registering values even lower than the real ones. 'It's just normal. At the beach, you need a lot of coverage, right? To connect to the internet on the beach, eh?'

Misha: A normal day at the beach. Today is September 7 —if I'm not mistaken—, 2021.

Ricardo Delgado: Someone here is asking what device is this. It's the BR-9A. I'll write it down later. It's a device that measures non-ionizing radiation, but which, logically, also harms health. It's the radiation that comes from cell phone antennas. The first band in red measures in µW/m², directly from the antennas, 52,071 µW/m². Crazy! The average rate in W/m² is the blue band. And the µT, the magnetic field strength, is the green band.

Misha: So these are the values. Look, look at the bars. Can you see them? With all these kids here playing next to, just next to the park where my kids were playing. And this is still beeping. Look at this. I'm at a fixed point. I haven't moved just so you can see. It's consistently reading 50,000 µW/m². But what is that? What does that mean?

Ricardo Delgado: The normal, at best, would be 1.0 µW/m² in the upper band. And measuring outdoors. Indoors it would be 0.1 µW/m². So, here, it'd be 500 times above normal.

Misha: Why does it measure up to 50 thousand microwatts or whatever it's here on the beach? Are we downloading movies on the beach? I don't understand. Here you see, as I walk away, the values decrease. Unless they have the antennas under the sand. I don't know. I can't even see where the antennas are. Because that's something I can't visualize. I can't figure out where they are or if they're camouflaged in those palm trees, or I don't understand. I don't understand. Well, now you know what happens here. You can see how we can't even relax on the beach because we leave here with a headache you can't imagine. Oh my!

Ricardo Delgado: Well, probably, the antennas are camouflaged in the lampposts, or God knows where. You have already seen the models of the new antennas, haven't you? There are even some in the sewers and other places

In fact, it's not 50.000. It's 50 (point) whatever. And, as I say, the maximum is 1.0 µW/m² outdoors. From there on would be the allowable limit. And indoors 0.1 µW/m². In that case, if it's 50 (point) whatever it is, it'd be about 500 times more than normal. That's in terms of non-ionizing radiation. Apart from the thermal effects it may have... Sorry, the thermal effects it may produce, which are minimal, there are important biological effects. The problem is that there's a new element that has a multiplying property. And that's precisely graphene. And it manages to multiply the GHz frequency, in principle non-ionizing, up to the range of the first ionizing ones, in those famous Cherenkov radiations. It multiplies up to a thousand times and locates them in the THz band. And graphene, in particular, is the nanomaterial that has this property. So, at the moment this is introduced into the body —we're being fumigated with it too—, the person is irradiated from the inside and from the outside. And this is known as acute irradiation syndrome or chronic irradiation syndrome. That is, COVID-19 and persistent COVID-19.  I say this all the time for all the new users that join in. 

So all the treatments that work against irradiation (antioxidants, lithium —as we saw yesterday—, myeloperoxidase, among others) are exactly the same treatments that work against COVID-19. 

The official smokescreen is a viral biological agent that no one has isolated, sequenced, or purified

Even if you're told: 'No, there is a University of Zaragoza that has it...' 

No. What they have is a virtual construct assembled with a computer algorithm. And that's why we know that graphene oxide is what produces the real cases of this supposed fictitious biological agent called SARS-CoV-2.

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